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Best Exercises to FIRM THE BREASTS! (Full Workout)

Hey Ladies –

Two of the most common questions we receive at ATHLEAN-XX are…”How can I get my breasts to perk up a bit?” “How do you get rid of ‘bra bulge?” This workout will help you with both!

Best BREAST FIRMING Exercises!!  Our ATHLEAN-XX chest workout is no joke!!

We’ve got traditional chest moves like chest presses and flies…

But we also work do lots of work from plank position, which will also challenge your back and abs!

With ATHLEAN-XX you’ll not only look better, you’ll BE stronger!

Get strong with us!



P.S. ATHLEAN-XX splits workouts into muscle groups (Legs, Butt, Arms, Chest/Back, Abs and Shoulders!)

Hit every muscle with ATHLEAN-XX!!

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