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Hey Ladies!

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, the ‘hourglass figure’ is definitely in! Women are looking to shape a nice round bum, slim waist and harmony in the upper body. So, today’s workout will help you get those curves and balance everything out!  Workout for an HOURGLASS FIGURE!

XX_hourglassThe most important key to getting an hourglass figure is to make sure no muscle gets left behind. You’ve got to work shoulders, chest, butt, legs, arms and abs to get those sexy curves!

For the most complete women’s strength workout, check out ATHLEAN-XX for Women!

And get your best curves ever!



P.S. ATHLEAN-XX comes with a complete nutrition program, too! And in fact there are three ways to follow it: exactly as written, picking and choosing your favorite meals, or making up your own plan based on our lists of healthy foods! It’s all up to you!

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