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POST PREGNANCY Workout Series – Part 4

Welcome to our post pregnancy workout series for beginners or postpartum. This postpartum workout contains beginner exercises that help new moms get their body back after having a baby. These new mom exercises help strengthen the butt, thighs, chest and core, all areas that tend to be weaker after baby.

XX_PostpartumWeek4Here are the exercises in this new mom workout. Start with one set of 12 for each of the postpartum exercises, and as you get stronger, go for 2 to 3 sets:

1) Plie Squat With Front Raise – Challenges inner and outer thighs and arms

2) Plyo Plie Squat – Great for legs and raising the heart rate

3) Reverse Lunge With Shoulder Press (Each Side) – Hits the butt and shoulders at the same time

4) Push Ups – Helps strengthen the chest; can be done on the knees until you build up strength

5) Plank With Knee Bend – Challenging for the core

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