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Hey Ladies!

It was a nice evening yesterday in my neck of the woods…So I decided to shoot a video of my shoulder workout to share with you! Short and sweet, but you’ll feel it the day after!! 4 Killer Moves for TANK TOP SHOULDERS!!

shoulder-workout-for-women-ytFor those of you who don’t recognize me, I’m Sue, your instructor on the ATHLEAN-XX for Women program.

I coach you through every one of our muscle group specific workouts:

– Arms

– Abs

– Shoulders

– Legs

– Booty

– Back and Chest

Have you ever watched out the previews of AXX workouts?

Check ’em out here!



P.S. As you can see, in ATHLEAN-XX for Women, no muscle is overlooked!

Get strong and SEXXY all over with ATHLEAN-XX!

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