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Hey Ladies!

You’re doing crunches. You’re doing planks. Maybe you’re even doing side crunches and side planks… But are you being sure to include rotational ab exercises in your core workouts?

3 Rotational Core Moves You MUST DO!!

XX_SlimWaistRotational movements help you get strong sexy obliques that frame and flatten the abs.

And they mimic the rotational movements we use our abs for in every day life, making you more functional too!

Our ATHLEAN-XX ab workouts include moves that work your core in every dimension!

Get your best abs ever with ATHLEAN-XX!



P.S. At ATHLEAN-XX we don’t just specialize in abs! Our 90 day program has separate workouts for every muscle group! Abs, arms, legs, butt, back/chest and shoulders!

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