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Hey Ladies!

Our Slimmer Thighs workout last week was one of our most popular yet! But we got lots of comments and emails wanting to know, “How can I work to slim my hips?” So, we created a special hip workout just for you!  Check out the 5 Best HIP TRIMMING Exercises!

SlimmerHipsWhen it comes to slimming and trimming, they key is a combo of strength training and a bit of cardio….

WELL, with Athlean-XX for Women you get your cardio and strength in at the same time!

Get slim and toned with us on Athlean-XX for Women!



P.S. Cardio alone doesn’t do much for strengthening and toning.

Our Athlean-XX workouts are faced paced strength circuits so you get strength and cardio all in one 30 min session!

Get faster results with faster workouts. Join us on Team Athlean today!

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