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Hey Ladies –

Got a set of dumbbells laying around the house? A footrest or a sturdy wooden chair? You can get an awesome total body workout without needing to step foot in the gym!  Total Body HOME WORKOUT (Minimal Equipment)

XX_06_totalBodyAll of our ATHLEAN-XX workouts can be done with minimal equipment at home!

Or if you prefer, you can also follow our gym workouts or even switch off!

We made ATHLEAN-XX completely flexible so that it fits into womens’ lives…

Rather than taking over your life!

Join us on Team ATHLEAN!



P.S. Our ATHLEAN-XX meal plan is ultra flexible too! There are 3 ways to follow it: exactly as laid out, picking and choosing favorite meals, or making up your own meals using our lists of healthy foods!

ATHLEAN-XX simplifies the healthy lifestyle.

Start today!

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