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The holidays are almost here and stores, restaurants and coffee shops are filled with tasty-sounding treats with minty, chocolaty and spicy winter-time flavors.  It can be tough to resist the call of peppermint mochas, spicy orange chocolates and the multitude of desserts that appear at work and the homes of family and friends during this season.  The good news is, there is ALWAYS a tweak to allow us to enjoy these flavors and get the benefits of healthy nutrition at the same time! Smoothies are the perfect way to experiment with winter time flavors that normally we might only find in shakes, cookies and other sweets.

In the spirit of enjoying our favorite holiday flavors AND keeping it healthy, here are 10 tasty smoothies with holiday flair!  Blend ’em up, drink ’em up and enjoy!


1) Chocolate Peppermint Green Smoothie by

This healthy green smoothie combines banana, dates and spinach with a little cocoa powder, peppermint extract and cacao nibs (optional) to create a minty, chocolaty holiday flavor tasty enough to kill a mint truffle Hershey’s kisses or peppermint mocha craving.

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2) Holiday Cranberry Smoothie by

Fresh cranberries, cashews, almond milk and a little stevia make this creamy cranberry smoothie a real holiday treat!  Cranberries are full of antioxidants, vitamin C and help with urinary tract health.

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3) Orange Spice Smoothie by

Made with oranges, banana, nutmeg and cinnamon, this smoothie not only tastes heavenly, it’s antioxidants and vitamin C will also help fight off winter time colds and flus.

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4) Eggnog Smoothie from

This tasty eggnog smoothie doesn’t contain any eggs, but it will give you that rich creamy eggnog flavor.  The recipe combines banana, whole milk, almonds, maple syrup (only if you like it sweet), vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon.  If you prefer not to use dairy, you could substitute coconut milk or almond milk for the regular milk.

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5) Sweet Apple Pie Smoothie by HealthyHappyLife

Just apple juice, yogurt, pumpkin pie spice and ice make this tasty healthy smoothie with creamy apple pie flavor.  Top it with a few sliced apples and cinnamon for garnish.

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6) Gingerbread Smoothie by

This smoothie is more like a meal than just a drink!  Made with navy beans, banana, ginger, Greek yogurt, protein powder, cinnamon, molasses and a couple tablespoons of flaked cereal, you’ll definitely fill up and stay full with this one!  Yum!

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7) Pear Almond Smoothie by

Made of almond milk, almond butter, banana, pear, a little cinnamon and maple syrup or stevia to sweeten, this smoothie offers a great balance of protein, fat and fiber all in one tasty, creamy drink.

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8 ) Vanilla Date Shake by

Irresistible and naturally sweet, this shake is made with your milk of choice, vanilla, cinnamon, bananas and dates.  Great anytime of the year, but perfect for holiday season!

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9) Cinnamon Roll Smoothie by

Packed with healthy ingredients, this cinnamon roll smoothie will kill your cinnamon roll cravings once and for all.  Made of almond milk, coconut water, banana, hemp seeds, chia seeds, protein powder and raisins and spiced with vanilla, and cinnamon.

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10) Chai Tea Smoothie by

This tasty, spicy smoothie is made of just banana, vanilla, a chai tea bag and your milk of choice and it is actually served warm!  Perfect for a cold winter’s day!

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