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fitness goalsIt’s the Tuesday after Labor Day, and we’re back to work and back to ‘normal’ life after a great long weekend. The LAST long weekend of summer! Sigh…

Many women choose the day after Labor Day to renew their fitness and diet goals. It’s actually one of three dates during the year that women make fitness ‘resolutions’. After Labor Day, immediately following New Years and usually around the first of May, many of us tell ourselves we’re going to get back to the gym and tighten up our diets in order to ‘make up for’ diet excesses and less-than-regular gym attendance over the previous months.

Does this sound familiar? If so, you’re probably still hanging on to the same old yo-yo diet tendencies, and you’ve probably been trying to end this cycle for years. Is it possible to get on the fitness wagon and STAY on? YES, it is! There are three ingredients to the ideal diet and fitness plan that will help you set and keep goals for the long run!

1) Sustainability – Why have all of your previous diet and fitness programs failed to deliver long term results? The reason is that they are not sustainable. Unrealistic expectations that are difficult to maintain over the long term will eventually end in failure. You may lose weight quickly on a plan that restricts calories or foods or a fitness plan that has you spending 2 hours/day at the gym, but these aren’t lifetime solutions! They are temporary fixes, and the resulting weight loss will be temporary too.

Lasting weight loss and fitness are the result of a sustainable LIFESTYLE MAKEOVER. In order to make changes stick FOR LIFE, they need to be realistic and fit into your life seamlessly. What if you just worked out for 30 minutes a day – even at home if you wanted? What if you could eat more frequently and feel full and energetic all day without counting calories or restricting foods? Could you fit these changes into your life?

fitness motivation2) Flexibility – In order for you to stay consistent with a fitness or nutrition plan, it needs to be flexible. What happens when you’re on vacation or on days you can’t make it to the gym? There will also be days where you have little time at all! What if your workout could go with you wherever you went? If you had the option of working out at home OR at the gym would you be more likely to fit in your workouts every day? If you could only make 5 minutes today, what if there were a 5 minute workout designed just for days like this?

The same is true with a diet or nutrition plan. Some days you’ll have time to cook and some days you’ll end up eating on the go. Maybe you’re the type of person who likes to stick to a set diet plan with recipes, but maybe you’d prefer to experiment with your own healthy recipes. What if you had both options? Would this make it easier to eat healthy?

3) Enjoyability – A final element to being able to stay consistent with any fitness and nutrition plan is that it has to be ENJOYABLE. The food you eat should be tasty and filling – you should look forward to eating and never feel deprived! The exercises should be challenging and fun to keep you motivated. What if you were part of a community of others doing the same plan? What if you could ask questions of the creators of your fitness program? Would this help keep you inspired and on track with your fitness goals?

What women’s exercise and nutrition plan has all 3 ingredients in one?

We designed Athlean-XX for Women to be sustainable, flexible and enjoyable because we want it to be the LAST diet and fitness plan you’ll ever need! Our workouts are just 30 minutes long, but they’re super challenging! You have the option of doing the DVDs at home or taking our Girl on the Go Cards to the gym. There’s even a Quickies DVD for days when you’re really short on time! On the Athlean-XX for Women nutrition plan, you’ll be eating healthy, tasty foods 5 – 6x per day so that you never feel full. You’ll also get your metabolism running high all day in fat burning mode!

The nutrition plan is flexible too – follow our 12 weeks of set meal plans or make up your own using our guidelines! Even though the workouts are tough – they’re fun! The workouts are different, challenging and fast-paced. We incorporate tests and challenges so that you can see the differences in your strength and conditioning as you move through the plan. Check in with our Facebook community every day to get your questions answered, and for stories, inspiration, daily mini-challenges, discussions and more!

Now that Labor Day has passed and summer is just about over, are you ready to make a new health and fitness resolution? Better yet, are ready to make your LAST resolution? Athlean-XX for Women is a fitness and nutrition SOLUTION that was specifically designed for women to be a LIFELONG plan. Our goal is to get you off the diet yo-yo FOR GOOD. Join us on Team Athlean to start your LIFESTYLE MAKEOVER now!