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Are you considering changing things up with your workout routine?  Maybe you’ve always been a gym goer, but have found that recently your schedule is just too busy for you to get there?  Or perhaps you’ve always been partial to home workout programs, but you feel like you’ve been missing that sense of community that a gym brings.

There are upsides and downsides to both home workouts and gym workouts. Ultimately the choice you make will come down to which option fits your lifestyle and your current needs.  To make your decision easier, let’s lay out some pros and cons of both home workouts and gym workouts.




1)      Better Equipment:  Unless you’ve got a fully equipped gym in your basement, chances are the gym is better stocked than your home.  That’s a big plus since this equipment may allow you to try exercises that wouldn’t be possible at home.  There may also be trainers hanging around that can show you how to use unfamiliar apparatuses with proper form.


2)      Collective Energy and Community: Depending on your personality type, being in the gym amongst hundreds of other folks working hard and sweating copiously may be motivational for you.  The social environment of the gym can be a motivator as well.  If some of your friends attend the same gym (or if there’s a cute guy who always seems to be there at the same hour as you), it’s all the more likely you’ll show up and get your workout in.

3)      Discipline:  If being disciplined about your workouts is tough for you, having a commitment to go to the gym every day may help.  After all, once you get there, there’s nothing to do besides work out!

gym workoutsCons:

1)      Time Commitment: The time commitment for going to the gym is definitely longer for a host of reasons.  First, you have to drive to it and home from it.  You’ll also spend extra time parking, getting unloaded and dressed and waiting in line for pieces of equipment.


2)      Germs: Coming in at a close second place right after a daycare toy box, the gym is one of the best places to catch colds, bacterial infections and fungi.  You’ve heard it before, so I’ll spare you the dirty details of what awaits you on the sweaty exercise machines, in the air and on locker room floors.


3)      Price: Depending on where you live, gym memberships can be pricey.  They can run anywhere from $40.00 per month on up to over $100.00 per month.  However, if you’re on a tight budget and DO end up springing for the membership, you may find that the bucks you’re laying down are a motivator to actually use the gym!




1)      Privacy: If you’re starting a new exercise program or feel self-conscious about sweating (or squatting) in front of others, home workouts may be the way to go.  You’ve got the luxury of trying out new exercises in the privacy of your own home without any on-lookers checking out your moves.


2)      Save Time: Doing workouts at home can be a huge time saver.  No packing, driving and parking required if the gym is located in your spare room! Working out at home pretty much eliminates excuses as well, since your workout space is just steps away.


3)      Save Money:  A gym membership represents an ongoing lifelong monthly expense.  However, purchasing a good home workout program and the necessary equipment will save you money in the long run.  Typically, within about 6 months not paying for the gym, you’ve made up for your home workout investment.


4)      Get a Better Workout: With no one looking, it’s more likely you’ll be willing to work out harder, sweat more and try some moves that make you look…well…less than glamorous.  If you can be your own ‘coach’ during your workout, making sure you don’t skip out on exercises or reps, you can get more effective workouts at home.


home workout programCons:

1)      Distractions: You may find that distractions, such as your kids, your computer or your telephone get in the way or interrupt your workouts.  If you work out at home, it’s important to let the family know that mom’s workout time is sacred.  Turn off cel phones and unplug house phones to prevent interruptions.


2)      Equipment Investment: It’s true that you may need to invest in some new workout equipment when you start a new home exercise program, and sometimes that can set you back $100 – $200.  However, once you make the investment, the equipment is good for the long haul!


3)      Missing Community: If you’re used to the gym environment, you may find that home workouts feel a little lonely.  But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on being part of a community.  There are tons of online communities for fitness and nutrition enthusiasts and online women’s weight loss groups.  Additionally, many women’s fitness programs have their own online communities, like our Athlean-XX for Women Facebook page.


Home workouts vs. gym workouts…which option do we think is best?  We say both!  Our Athlean-XX for Women program is one of the few DVD ‘home’ workout programs around that also offers the option to work out at the gym….anytime you feel like it or all of the time.  It’s your choice!  The Athlean-XX program comes with 10 DVD workouts for use at home and 12 Workout Cards (2 for each muscle group) that can be used at the gym.  In fact, if the option is available to you, mixing things up between home and gym when it’s convenient for you is a great way to keep your body challenged with new exercises!

That’s the best part of Athlean-XX for Women.  While it’s technically a 90-day program, it’s really meant to be used for life.  All of the exercises have beginner and advanced modifications, and with 3 full workouts per muscle group, you and your muscles will never be bored.

If you’re looking for a program that fits your lifestyle no matter what, Athlean-XX for Women is the way to go.  It goes wherever you go…home or the gym.

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