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Question for you!

What do your upper body warm ups look like? If you’re NOT warming up before your chest, shoulder and arm workouts, you should be! Prevent injury and get stronger with THESE special stretches!  3 Fast SHOULDER MOBILITY Moves!!

XX_ShoulderPain-plThe best types of warm ups are called ‘dynamic’ which means movement based instead of static stretches…

We include dynamic warm ups and cool down stretching in each of our AXX workouts!

ATHLEAN-XX is a complete fitness and nutrition system, created by a physical therapist and based on exercise science.

Get stronger every day with us!



P.S. While it IS based on science, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to follow our nutrition plan!

It’s the easiest most flexible plan available… no counting or measuring!

Let AXX be your coach!

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