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This butt and thighs workout for beginners contains some of the very best butt exercises and leg exercises. This beginner workout has 3 great glutes and thigh exercises in one easy workout. You may want to try these exercises without any weight except for bodyweight at first, and work up to a higher weight when you feel stronger. It’s important to start with beginner exercises so that you can get accustomed to proper form, and this beginner legs exercise is the perfect place to start.

glutes-on-fireThere are 3 beginner butt exercises in this workout:

1) Reverse Lunge/Side Lunge – This is important for strengthening the thighs and is an important component of any beginner leg workout

2) Single Lying Leg Raise – Squeeze at the top of this glutes exercise to really target the muscles in the butt.

3) Butt Blasters – One of the best beginner butt exercises to include in any glute workout Hope you enjoyed this beginner thigh workout.

The leg and thigh exercises in this training are great places to start if you are looking for a beginner workout. It also makes the perfect easy butt workout. If you’re looking for more great butt and thigh workouts for beginners, try our 90 day Athlean-XX for Women fitness and nutrition program. The leg and glute workouts are challenging but can be easily modified for beginners.

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