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glute workout program


Is your butt the one part of your body that’s lagging?

And I don’t mean just aesthetically. Maybe you have a flat butt but you’re also pretty weak in your squat game.

Maybe you’ve never done a glute bridge or a hip thrust. Maybe you have no idea how to do a traditional deadlift.

Well, that’s the thing. Your glutes are one of the the largest muscle groups on your body and they play a major role behind some of the most popular exercises.

Want to deadlift? You’ll need to hip hinge. And what drives a hip hinge?

Your glutes!

Listen, having good glutes is more than just filling out your jeans and getting attention. Strong glutes are the foundation for a better squat, deadlift, etc.

Your glutes are one of the most important muscle groups on your body because they are the powerhouse behind some of the most popular exercises.

If you’re not happy with your glutes, I’ve got you covered with a 22-day glute workout.

These glute strengthening exercises are going to get you on the right path to having strong glutes and a better-looking backside.

You ready?

strong glutes for hip hinge, squats, deadlift


Full disclosure here: If you look in the mirror and this is what you see…

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weak glutes vs body fat

Then you’re going to need to add an extra zero or two to the 22 days.

Because what you have here is an accumulation of body fat, which is a completely different issue from having weak glutes. This is an issue of poor nutrition at its roots.

There are plenty of moves you can do for glute strength and shape, but there’s no way around bad nutrition and excess body fat.

You’re going to have to figure out a way to eat much better than you are right now in order to drop your body fat levels down.

So, the first thing you want to focus on is weight loss. From here, you can see what you’re working with and begin to focus on targeting the glutes.

Now, there’s one more type of person that will find this workout is going to take a bit longer than 22 days.

And that is someone who doesn’t currently squat (or lift in general).

If you’re attempting to build up this powerful muscle right now, but you are not squatting or lifting, then you’re missing a lot of muscle gain.

Your body won’t be familiar with the exercises that I’m about to cover and that might be a potential issue, especially if you have poor range of motion.

I would recommend that you start with a basic full body program focusing on the big compound exercises and multi-joint moves.

Now once you lose the excess body fat and build a fitness foundation with squats, deadlifts, and bench presses at the center, THEN you should move on to this workout.

glute workout


What you’re going to do here is build up that posterior chain of yours. And you’re going to do that by following a glute training habit that includes a lot of strength training.

Why the butt exercises with weights instead of only body weight? Because we know that if we can build the glutes up, we can do a better job of improving their appearance.

And you’re going to hit your glute muscles with a different exercise selection depending on the day:

In a glute-centric routine and a hamstring-focused glute day.

You might be thinking, why are we focusing on hamstrings? Because the secondary function of the hamstrings is to extend the hip, which is going to impact the glutes directly.

And thinking that the job of the hamstring leg muscles is simply to bend the knee is a flaw. In reality, the hamstring is just succumbing to gravity to bend the knee.

We want to focus on what they do in terms of working with the glutes to really drive better looking glutes.

So, we’re going to break it down in those two training days and we’re going to simply alternate them throughout the glute workout, on every even day.

22 day glute workout schedule

But what will you do in between the glute and hamstring workouts? Well, I would recommend adding in the corrective glute workout I have for you.

But if you’re feeling fatigued, I want you to rest. But only if you really feel like you need it.

Why am I adding in corrective glute exercises throughout this workout?

Well, people that just do squats and deadlifts sometimes don’t get the results that they’re looking for. That’s because a lot of times it has to do with simply training in one plane of motion, the sagittal plane.

This is not going to cut it when you want maximum glute development. You have to involve the other planes of motion that the glutes prefer to work in, which is the transverse plane and the frontal plane.

During your corrective training days, we’re going to focus on the smaller but still important muscles of the hip and glutes.

These powerful muscles are going to help to drive the overall appearance and performance of your glutes.

We’re going to simply alternate two versions of our corrective exercises on days three, five, seven, nine – all the way until we’ve reached our last empty spot.

And remember, if at any time you’re feeling fatigued from the workouts, you can simply utilize one of the corrective days as a resting day.


In the way of equipment, ideally, you’ll have some dumbbells, something to step up on, and a barbell with some weight plates.

In terms of time commitment, you need no more than 20 minutes per day.

Also, if you currently have leg exercises that you’re doing, I would set that aside for now and focus on this workout as your leg training.

Your quads are still going to get worked through some of the exercise selections that we’re using.

Let’s start breaking down the workouts day-by-day.


Okay, let’s get to it. Here’s a complete day-by-day breakdown of this 22-day glute workout.


On Days 1 and 22, you have a simple test: The mirror test.

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mirror test for glutes

You’re going to evaluate what you’re looking like right now and your current glute situation.

On Day 1, ask yourself:

Do you like what you see? Is it sagging? Is it flat? Does it look a little bit dumpy from behind?

Or maybe you have a friend who would be willing to take a picture and give you some feedback.

Overall, the focus on these days is looking for improvement.


We’re going to start the real glute workout with our activation drills. These bodyweight exercises are the stuff that people don’t do.

Most people go right into glute work, and they have something called “glute amnesia.” This is when people don’t even have an ability to really connect with the glute muscle itself.

These activation drills are going to help solidify a mind-to-muscle connection, thereby improving your glute activation and development.

You’re going to do perform the following exercises with 30 seconds of each.


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toe down stab hip lift

Starting position is lying on your side, with the top leg in front.  Being sure the toe on the top foot is pointing down, and maintaining a slight bend in the knee perform a hip lift.


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toe up hip lift

For the toe up hip lift, the top leg goes straight out behind you with the toes of that foot pointed down.

The focus of these activation drills is to try to engage the gluteus medius and the hip adductors while getting those glutes more alert as to what’s coming next.

From here, your first official glute movement is the Barbell Hip Thrust.


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barbell hip thrust

From the starting position, a barbell would be ideal here, but if you don’t have it, you can simply rest a couple of dumbbells on your thighs and do the same butt exercise.

Place your feet around shoulder width apart for a steady base. You can even use resistance bands to perform a glute bridge.

Place the band above knees and across your hips. The band around thighs also works but you need something to anchor it to the ground. This would be called a Banded Glute Bridge.

Three to four sets of 10 to 12 repetitions is what we’re looking for here. Keep in mind that you don’t have to use heavy weights right out of the gate. I want quality reps, not for you to try to be the World’s Strongest Man.

We move into the second movement here and this one is done for time. This is called the Long Leg March.


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long leg march

We’re really driving hip extension by getting up as high as we can and trying to keep it there.

Hold the glutes up high with core stability in place while we lift one leg off the ground. Perform three sets of one minute on each leg.

And then we come into that quad exercise I mentioned before: the Step Up.


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forward leaning step ups

In this variation, you will preload the muscle by simply leaning forward a little bit with your pair of weights, as you step up onto an elevated surface.

When you angle your body forward, you preload the glutes as they activate to counterbalance and prevent excessive range of motion in the forward direction during your steps.

Perform two to three sets of 10 repetitions on each leg. Make sure to get all the way up onto that elevated surface, and drive the opposite knee through to get through full hip extension.

Here’s a wrap up for Day 2:

glute dominant workout 1


Now to your first corrective exercise workout routine. The key is to perform each and every repetition as if it’s the only one that you’re doing.

Remember, you’re going for high quality contractions here to drive the mind-muscle connection.

First up, we have our Reverse Hyper.


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reverse hypers

In the Reverse Hyper, starting position is with your upper body on top of a bench, and you’re going to drive your legs together and up into good hip extension with strong glutes.

As always, focus on good and aggressive glute contraction.

Perform 15 to 20 repetitions with a good squeeze and hold that tension at the top before lowering slowly.

Next up is the Hip Drop.


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hip drop

With this butt exercise, you’re going to focus on one leg at a time. You start in stand position on one foot next to a wall, and let your hips get lazy and just relax and drop out.

Now, slide them back towards the wall at the same time. You’re likely going to lift up a little bit, so the hip that’s closer to the wall will rise.

But you get a really tight contraction in the leg that’s on the ground on the outside of the hip if you’re doing this right.

Perform 15 to 20 repetition with a high focus on quality contractions, not just simply repping them out.

corrective day 1


Welcome to your first hamstrings-driven glute-focused training day.

We start wit our foundational exercise of the basic Romanian Deadlift (RDL).


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barbell rdls

You’ll immediately know that this is a hamstring-driven workout because you’ll feel that good pre-stretch in the hamstrings during every single repetition.

But if you focus closely on how this happens, you really aren’t trying to bend your knees very much.

Start in the usual feet hip width apart stance. You just soften your knees and drive this primarily through a Hip Hinge. And through the Hip Hinge, you get hip extension. And through hip extension, you get glute development.

Perform three to four sets of 10 to 12 repetitions and move on to the next butt exercise: the Prone Frog Curl.


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prone frog curls

No weights are needed here. You simply lay on your upper body face down and lift your thighs up off the ground to ignite and activate those glutes into hip extension.

While holding this position, bend your knees by bringing your feet closer to your butt. You’ll start to feel this really light up and tighten up inside that glute medius in the rotators of the hip.

I want you to do this for three sets of one minute on each leg.

Resist the burn and try to make sure that you don’t allow the hips to lower even as you flex the knees and bring the feet closer to your butt.

This brings us to the third butt exercise of the day, the one that’s devoted to quads but has that indirect glute involvement as well.

It’s a glute builder lunge variation called a Curtsy Lunge.


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curtsy lunges

Sometimes called the Crossover Lunge, instead of dropping straight back and loading just the front quad up, we’re going to step back and across. You’ll end in a crossed position.

So, for example, start by stepping back with your left foot but cross it over, taking care not to bash your left knee into the ground.

This creates an imbalance that will demand that we have control of the hips in the frontal plain, side to side.

We know once we do that, we work on the control of the abductors of the hip, which wrap around into the glutes, tie in perfectly and help to round out that development.

You’re going to do two to three sets of 10 repetitions on each leg here to wrap up this workout.

Here’s the summary:

hamstring dominant workout 1


Welcome to another corrective exercise day.

The first one is the Internal Rotation Hip Lift.


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internal rotation hip lift

This is usually an awkward exercise because people are extremely weak into internal rotation of the hip.

Get your back leg at a 90-degree angle. Lean all of your body weight towards that front leg and try to lift your hip up off the ground.

Perform 15 to 20 repetitions on each leg, really going for high-quality contraction.

And then we go for that last butt exercise, and this is called the Fire Hydrant.


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fire hydrants

You’ve probably seen this one before, but I have a slight tweak to make it even better.

Imagine you’re a dog peeing on a fire hydrant. Get on all fours in a tabletop position and externally rotate the hip. From here, kick your leg back into extension with the leg rotated. If you’re doing this properly, you’ll feel that tight contraction in your outer glutes.

Three sets of 15 to 20 on each leg to round out your training day.

corrective glute workout 2


On Day 6, we are back to glute workout days.

Today, with your activation drills, you’re going for activation in the standing position.


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toe up hip swing


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toe down hip swings

And for each of these, we’re getting rotational stability, we’re working the upper leg and the down leg.

But these will actually help you to activate those groups and get them awake for what’s coming next.

And that’s the single leg version of the hip thrust.


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single leg hip thrust

So now why are we doing this? Because we want to expose the right glute and left glute imbalances. This exercise is a powerhouse for glute gains!

You’ll still perform three to four sets, but you’re going to go slightly lower on the reps with eight per leg.

Which brings us to the second butt exercise, and it’s one of my favorites, it’s called the Dumbbell Frog Press.


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dumbbell frog press

Take the weight that you used on the Step Ups, combine the weight of the two dumbbells, and use that total weight for this exercise.

Place the dumbbell across your hips. The key here is the position of the feet and legs in the exercise. You’re not keeping your feet flat. Instead, you’re leaning on the outside of your foot, externally rotating your hips and driving the movement.

You’re not doing this through the glute max, but through the glute medius. When I mentioned those really important muscles that oftentimes get overlooked, this is what I’m talking about.

You want to make sure you’re developing all the muscles of the hip if you want to round out the appearance of your butt.

Perform three sets with one minute each, trying to drive the intensity of the contraction. Make sure you’re feeling it in the right place, which is more on the outside of your hips.

And we come into your last exercise: the Low Bar Squat.


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low bar squat

This is a popular squat variation. For this exercise, you’ll start in a classic squat position, but you’ll place the bar in a lower position than you normally would.

We know that the position of the bar on your back will dictate the position of your torso. The lower the bar gets, the more you’re going to have to lean your body forward.

And this will start to ignite and light up the backside for the same reason that it did on the Leaning Forward Step Ups.

If you don’t have a barbell, you can still grab a pair of dumbbells and perform the Dumbbell Squat.

Do three sets of 10 to 12 reps to round out the second workout.

Again, here’s the summary for the day:

glute dominant workout 2


Today, we return to your first corrective exercise workout.

Just like before, make sure that you’re performing each and every repetition as if it’s the only one that you’re doing.


Play Button

Perform 15 to 20 repetitions.


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hip drop

Perform 15 to 20 repetitions.

corrective workout day 1


On Day 8, you’ll be doing another version of a hamstring-focused workout, similar to what you did on Day 4.

You’ll start with the single leg version of the RDL.


Play Button
dumbbell single leg rdl

For these Single-Leg Deadlifts, you’re still going through that same pattern, relying on the activation of the hamstrings.

And this will drive hip extension, but you’re going to do it one leg at a time to expose any imbalances you might have.

Perform three to four sets of eight repetitions on each leg.

Next up, we have one of my favorite exercises of all time: the Slick Floor Bridge Curl.


Play Button
slick floor bridge curl

You can do this one with just your own body weight. And all you have to do is get some socks and a slick floor, and you’re off and running.

Start with your feet about shoulder width apart. You get up into a high glute bridge position carefully allow your feet to start drifting out and away from you, lengthening at the hamstrings and straightening out the knee, keeping the core tight throughout the movement.

Be sure to focus on staying up and avoiding those knee crashes. Keeping your feet flat on the floor tends to make this one easier.

You do three sets of one minute. Just be sure that you don’t let those hips drop.

Which brings us to our final exercise of the day, and this is the Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squat out of the sprinter position.


Play Button
sprinter db bulgarian split squats

Again, we are pre-loading the glutes by keeping our torso upright and leaning slightly forward. This will pre-reactivate the glutes and load them more favorably than the quads during this exercise.

You do two to three sets of 10 on each leg to round out this workout.

Here’s the wrap up:

hamstring dominant workout day 2


And you’re back to a corrective exercise day. You’ll be performing the same exercises from Day 5.

corrective glute workout 2

DAY 10

Now that you’ve been through both variations of the glute-focused workouts, you return to your first glute power day back on Day 2.

Just like before, you’ll begin with activation drills to help with the mind-to-muscle connection, muscle activation, and glute development.

glute dominant workout 1

DAY 11

Okay, this is a good time to remind you that if you’re feeling fatigued and sore, you can use this day for rest.

But if you’re feeling good and you want to get at it, you’ll perform the exercises from you first corrective exercise workout back on Day 3.

And don’t forget that you should be performing each and every repetition with quality, not speed.

corrective workout day 1

DAY 12

Today, you’re back to a hamstrings-driven glute-focused training day. Just like last time, you’re going to start with a Romanian Deadlift (RDL).

hamstring dominant workout 1

DAY 13

So, if you’re feeling pretty wiped out, this would be an ideal time to take a rest day because it’s halfway through the workout.

But if you’re feeling strong and ready to go, let’s move into another corrective exercise workout.

corrective glute workout 2

DAY 14

You’ll recognize today’s glute-focused workout from back on Day 6.

Just like last time, you’re going to start with standing activation drills.

glute dominant workout 2

DAY 15

Here’s another set of corrective exercise to strengthen those muscles that most people don’t think twice about.

As always, I want you giving this all your effort. Don’t rush through this one.

corrective workout day 1

DAY 16

Today, you’ll be doing the same hamstring-focused exercises that you did back on Day 8.

hamstring dominant workout day 2

DAY 17

Keep going strong with this corrective exercise workout.

corrective glute workout 2

DAY 18

All right, guys, you’re at your final glute-focused workout so I really want you to push here.

Just like before, you’ll begin with activation drills.

glute dominant workout 1

DAY 19

Now, you can take this as a rest day if you’re really fatigued and sore… But you’re so close to the end.

Try to push it out and give it everything you have. After all, this is your last day of corrective exercises from Day 3.

corrective workout day 1

DAY 20

You’re getting so close to the end. And today, you’ll be performing your final hamstring-focused workout.

hamstring dominant workout 1

DAY 21

Welcome to your final corrective exercise workout and the day before the mirror test. Don’t skip this one. Really give it everything you have.

Think of it like a celebration workout because you made it to the end of this glute workout.

corrective glute workout 2

DAY 22

On Day 22, it’s time for another mirror test. Come back and compare those glutes to what you saw on Day 1.

Play Button
mirror test for glutes

There you have it, guys. A 22-day game plan for building that posterior chain of yours.

Whether you want to look better, perform better, or both, the glute development from this workout will help get you there.

But if you need other foundational workouts, let me be your trainer. Check out our ATHLEAN-X programs to see which best fit your goals and equipment available.

Program Selector ==> See which program best fits your goals
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  1. Over the following 22 days, you will perform a series of workouts that will do more than give your booty a great shape – It will also strengthen and develop your glutes. This will help to eliminate muscular imbalances in the lower body muscles.
  2. On day 1, start with a simple assessment in the mirror. Take a look and make note of what you see.
  3. Over the next few weeks, you’ll alternate between glute-focused, hamstring-focused, and corrective-focused workouts.
  4. On days 2, 10, and 18, you’ll perform your first version of the glute-focused workout.
  5. On days 3, 7, 11, 15, and 19, you have the first version of your corrective exercise workout.
  6. On days 4, 12, and 20, you’ll do the first version of your hamstring-focused workout.
  7. On days 5, 9, 13, 17, and 21, you’re back to corrective exercises but these will be different.
  8. On days 6 and 14, you’ll enjoy new variations of glute-focused exercises.
  9. On days 8 and 16, you’ll perform new variations of hamstring-focused exercises.
  10. Finally, on day 22, I want you to do another mirror test to evaluate your progress.

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