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Put on your fleece jacket and your long underwear….Because we’re TAKING IT OUTSIDE to give you an incredible holiday workout that will fire up your metabolism….

Just when you need it…right before you eat those Christmas cookies! Get a CARDIO and STRENGTH workout all in one!

 CandyCane-ytSpeaking of…did you know that’s our SECRET at ATHLEAN-XX?

It’s called circuit training… and it makes it possible to get a cardio and strength workout all at once!

Work out with us just 30 mins a day and get that lean, athletic figure you want in 2014!



P.S. Ever hear the saying “abs are made in the kitchen”? It’s true. The RIGHT nutrition plan is a key piece to you getting the fit body you deserve in the new year.

Our Athlean-XX for Women program includes a nutrition plan for guaranteed suXXess. Quit calorie counting, stop measuring and EAT MORE! Sound good? Join us on Team Athlean today!

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