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Look, we all know that men and women are VERY different! But did you know that there is a major difference in HOW men and women store their fat?


There is also a difference in what strategies we must use to lose it! Think about the areas on your body that fat never seems to leave…

– Potbelly
– Love Handles
– Chest

– Thighs
– Hips
– Upper Arms
– Calves/Ankles

There is a reason the fat is in those specific areas!

I’m breaking out the science in this one because it’s important to know WHY we store fat in specific locations. For both men AND women! Guys, I think you’re going to find this very helpful. Ladies too. I promise.


P.S.  Fat loss is one of those parts of getting fit that doesn’t have to be that complicated. I think it can actually be quite simple if done right.  If you want the same exact step by step workout and meal plans  that I use to make it second nature, here you go…

The exact workouts and meal plans I use to stay lean year round

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How to Get Rid of Stubborn Fat (MEN vs. WOMEN)

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