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Hey Ladies!

Today we’ve got what every woman wants: The recipe for tight, toned hips, butt and thighs!! These exercises work your lower body, boost your heart rate and challenge your balance! HIPS, BUTT & THIGHS Workout!!

XX_HipsButtThighsLegs, hips and booty are one of our major focuses in ATHLEAN-XX!  Our legs and butt workouts are challenging… they burn fat and tone at the same time!

And women report amazing results both slimming and strengthening their lower body!

See some before and afters here!



P.S. Did you know ATHLEAN-XX includes a meal plan to help support your goals? But this isn’t a diet! You’ll be eating foods you love 5-6 times per day!

Eat more, get stronger, get leaner with ATHLEAN-XX!

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