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Hey Ladies!

Today Melissa’s not hearing any excuses! If you want to lose body fat, you need some INTENSITY! And she’s here to give it to you with this upper body and HIIT cardio combo! And you’re not allowed to skip the “BONUS” burpees at the end! Workout To BLAST BODY FAT!!

XX_BlastFatTo get the results you want your workouts need to be intense… BUT That does NOT mean your gym schedule has to take over your life!

In ATHLEAN-XX for Women’s 90 day program we workout for just about 30 minutes…

But trust us, it’s all you need! Time to get real results!



P.S. To lose body fat, you also need to eat right. And in fact, many women don’t eat ENOUGH to lose weight! AXX will show you what foods, when and how often! No counting or measuring necessary!

Get the best fitness and nutrition plan for women!

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