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Time to work out but feeling a little sluggish?  If you’re a morning exerciser, a bad night’s sleep can make for a slow start to your workout.  If you exercise in the evenings, a tough day at work can leave you feeling wiped and not in the mood for the gym.  But, for the sake of consistency, you know you’ve got to find a way to battle the low mojo and knock out a solid workout even on these low energy days!

Thankfully there are a few things you can do to give yourself a little extra added pep before you hit the weights or the treadmill. They can make the act of motivating yourself a little bit easier on the days when you’re just not feelin’ it!

Let’s have a look at 5 ways to boost your energy before a workout.  Give any one (or a combination) of these babies a try before you exercise and you’ll be energized and ready to give it your all!


music motivation workouts1)       Music

Whether you’re just waking up or you’re in your car after work on the way to the gym, turn on some fast-paced music and turn up the volume!  Nothing’s got the power to alter moods and boost energy levels like music.  Create an energizing mix on your iPod to use for times just like these. Think ‘Eye of the Tiger’, ‘Chariots of Fire’ or whatever songs make you feel like a fitness rock star!


2)      Energizing Snack

About 45 minutes to an hour before your workout, deliver some natural sugars and satiating protein into your bloodstream.  Sweet fruits like banana, mango or pineapple with some nuts or nut butter are an ideal pre-workout energizing snack.  The fiber in the fruit and the protein from the nuts will help the sugars in the fruit burn slower to provide sustained energy throughout your workout.


hydrate before workouts3)      Hydrate

Being sure to stay hydrated is one of the best ways to make sure you don’t feel sluggish during your workouts.  Being dehydrated during a workout can cause weakness, dizziness and even nausea. Since we tend to lose a ton of water during our sweat sessions (think 4 – 8 cups), it’s all the more important to be sure we’re replenishing it.  Especially if you haven’t been hydrating as much as you should have been throughout the day, start chugging the water as early as you can prior to your workout.  Keep on drinking throughout your exercise session.


4)      Motivational Quotes or Photos

Our mind is as important as our physical energy when it comes to motivation for exercise.  Sometimes getting the mind in gear before a workout is enough to boost our energy levels and motivate us to ‘just do it.’  Save a few motivational quotes on your smart phone for instant motivation or create a motivation board on Pinterest and refer to it whenever necessary.


caffeine before workouts5)      Caffeine

Desperate times call for desperate measures!  Caffeine can be your friend on days when your energy levels are in the gutter.  Caffeine is a stimulant, so it naturally raises your heart rate and gives energy levels a boost. It increases the amount of adrenaline in your system, sending extra glucose and oxygen to your muscles. This can give you a serious energy and performance boost during strength training sessions.

Caffeine may give a boost in endurance, power and muscle recovery as well!  Studies show that caffeine may be helpful in delaying onset of muscle fatigue, releasing pain-reducing endorphins and reducing lactic acid build up.

To take advantage of caffeine’s workout-boosting effects, it’s best if you’re not a habitual caffeine drinker. Instead, try to reserve caffeine for times when you really need it.

On low energy days, shortly before your workout, have a quick shot of espresso or cup of green tea.  You’re likely to feel the difference in energy levels almost immediately!


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