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There are a whole host of reasons we may fall out of our exercise routines from time to time.  Sometimes life just gets in the way for a while….work gets too busy, we get sick, we have surgery or we go on vacation.  Other times it’s a combination of a wide range of factors that all seem to come together to throw us off the workout bandwagon.

Really, the reasons why don’t matter so much.  What’s important is getting started again….but this can be a huge hurdle, too.  Ever started your exercise routine again to find out you’d fallen out of the habit within just a few short days?

It’s important we restart our routine with the right attitude and expectations to allow us to get on track and stay on track the first time.  The first few weeks of a new exercise plan are the toughest, so let’s have a look at a few things we can do to make sure the new plan sticks!