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5)  Choose a Program That Fits Your Lifestyle


The best way to stick with an exercise program is to find one that fits seamlessly into your life.  For those of us who lead extremely busy lives, working out at home can be helpful since it saves time.  Others may find they need the dedicated space for fitness that the gym offers to help feel motivated.  Either way, exercise doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment.  With the right program, 30 minutes of exercise per day is enough.

We designed our Athlean-XX for Women program for women to get the greatest results in a short 30 minute time span.  The workouts can be done either at home (with DVDs) or the gym (with workout cards) so that it fits your lifestyle no matter what.   Athlean-XX is based on fast-paced circuit strength workouts that will get your heart-pumping cardio and your strength training done in one fell swoop!

It’s also important to us to make you feel motivated and supported.  There are special challenges along the way so that you can see your progress, and our Facebook page provides daily positive motivations.   In our blog, we share with you the best new fitness and nutrition science, healthy recipes, and tips to help you meet your goals.  Finally we have a special Facebook group for women who are currently doing the program so that they can motivate each other.

If you’re looking for a program that will motivate you and that you can stick with, give Athlean-XX for Women a try.  You won’t believe the results you’ll see in just 90 short days!