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Do you frequently feel hungry before it’s time for your next meal or snack?  Or does it just feel like you’re ALWAYS hungry?

There are a variety of reasons for persistent hunger.  For one, it could simply be that you’re restricting calories too much.  Eating too little will actually SLOW your metabolism and cause your weight loss to slow as well.  Skipping meals or eating too infrequently has the same metabolism-slowing effect, and it will leave you feeling hungrier throughout the day, too.

Another part of the hunger equation could be WHAT you eat.  Surviving on a lot of sugar or carbs and not eating enough protein, fat and fiber will definitely leave you feeling famished.  This is because sugar and white carbs cause a spike in blood sugar that then plummets shortly thereafter, causing you to crave more of the same!

To stay satiated throughout the day, it’s important to eat frequently and to get a mix of proteins, fibrous and starchy carbs and healthy fats in each meal and snack.

Which foods are best for helping to keep you feeling full?


oatmeal satiety1)      Oatmeal – When it comes to breakfast, no cereal is better for satiety than oatmeal.  It delivers a well-balanced combination of fibrous carbohydrates and protein. Unlike white carbs (like rice or white flour), oatmeal is a slow-burning carb which means that it requires more time and energy for your body to metabolize.  This means that oatmeal ‘sticks to your ribs’ and helps you feel full longer.


2)      Eggs – Another super breakfast food, eggs are high in protein which works wonders for keeping you full.  A breakfast that includes eggs will carry you through to lunch with no problem!  Pair it with some fiber (in the form of fruit, veggies or oatmeal) and you’ve got the most important meal of the day covered!


3)      Avocados – The healthy fats in avocado can go a long way in helping you to stay satiated after a meal.  These unsaturated fats are also necessary for the absorption of certain vitamins. As an added bonus, the mono-unsaturated fats in avocados help speed up your metabolism.


Nuts protein4)      Almonds and Other Nuts – These nutritional superstars contain both healthy fats AND fiber which work together to satisfy your hunger and hold you over until your next meal.


5)      Greek Yogurt – Greek yogurt’s hefty dose of protein (17 or more grams per container) helps a ton with hunger control.  All this protein has the added benefit of helping your muscles to repair and grow, making Greek yogurt an ideal post-workout snack.


6)      Beans and Lentils – Beans and lentils are both high in protein and fiber, both of which will help fill you up quickly.  The complex carbohydrates in these legumes take longer to break down, meaning that you’ll feel full for longer.


7)      Soup – Foods that contain a lot of water help to keep you feel satiated for longer, and that makes soup an ideal lunch or snack.  Go for broth-based soups with some protein (like chicken or beans) and plenty of fiber-rich veggies.


8)      Fibrous Green Veggies – Be sure to include plenty of fresh veggies with every meal.  Their fiber, and particularly the fiber found in leafy green vegetables, is excellent for rounding out a meal and making it more filling.  Try veggies like celery, spinach, broccoli and kale.  Note that juicing these veggies removes all the fiber, so it’s counterproductive for satiety.


apple satiety9)      Apples and Other Fibrous Fruits – Apples are chock full of fiber and water which makes them excellent for filling you up on the go.  Any other fruit that’s high in fiber and water content will have the same effect.  An apple with some nuts or nut butter is the perfectly balanced take-with-you snack!


10)   Chicken Breast and Lean Beef – These healthy meats contain tons of protein and lots of important micronutrients like iron and zinc.  Pair them with a high fiber side dish of whole grains or vegetables for a hearty and satiating dinner.


Hope this list of healthy filling foods will help you balance out your meals and keep you feeling fuller!  At Athlean-XX for Women we’ve got another trick up our sleeves for boosting metabolism and keeping hunger at bay: meal frequency.

In the nutrition plan that accompanies our fitness program, we recommend that you eat 5 – 6 small meals per day that combine fibrous and starchy carbs, proteins and healthy fats.  This frequent eating schedule will ensure you never feel hungry and also will help to keep your metabolism burning high like a well-oiled machine, maximizing fat loss.

Combine this nutrition plan with our 30 minute super effective workouts and you’ll be well on your way to the best body you’ve ever had.  Join us on Team Athlean and get Athlean-XX for Women here.

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