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I can’t believe summer is already beginning!  Temps are starting to warm up, short sleeves are coming out of closets and we’re all getting out to enjoy more fresh air.  Along with that fresh air and sunshine come fresh in-season vegetables and fruits!

The warmer temperatures and all that additional variety in the produce section and farmers market make us crave light, fresh dishes with new flavors and textures.  Summer salads are a super tasty and healthy way to enjoy all those fruits and veggies, but it can be all too easy to get stuck in a salad rut – eating the same two or three veggies and forgetting about all the rest!

Let’s look at 7 creative Summer Salad recipes to help you make use of the cornucopia of produce available to you right now.  These will help you employ some veggies and fruits you may not try very often, as well as find some new flavor combinations to please your palate!

1)      Couscous Salad by

summer couscous saladThis Indian inspired summer salad is incredibly refreshing, and perfect for a picnic on the warmest summer day.  Its exotic mixture of flavors includes cucumber, tomato, raw mango, raw onion and watermelon.  It’s spiced with coriander leaves (cilantro), lemon juice, black pepper and salt.  This salad is also a great side dish for entertaining or makes a perfect take-to-work lunch!

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2)      Summer Spinach Strawberry Salad by

spinach strawberry saladThis is my all time favorite summer salad.  The combination of flavors makes it taste more like dessert than like the healthy accompaniment that it is.  The recipe uses baby spinach, strawberries, gorgonzola cheese, bacon (optional), dried cranberries and pecans.  Absolutely delectable!

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3)      Asparagus Summer Salad by ForTheLoveofCooking.Net

asparagus summer saladInstead of just steaming your asparagus, you can give it rich gourmet flavor using this recipe. It employs lemon juice, Dijon mustard, basil, parsley, shallot, garlic, pepper and olive oil to give a spicy zing to this tasty and healthy vegetable!

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4)      Blueberry Chicken Salad by

blueberry chicken saladThe perfect summer lunch, this salad has a variety of textures and flavors that give it zesty, sweet, sour and salty flavors all in one.  This salad contains a mix of zucchini, cooked chicken, spinach, scallions, blueberries, feta cheese and sliced almonds.  It’s dressed with olive oil, lemon juice, basil, salt and pepper.  One of my favorite salads!

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5)      Sunny Summer “Fruit” Salad with Sunny Citrus Dressing by Happy Healthy Life

summer fruit saladFruit salads are great to bring to gatherings or to enjoy as dessert on a warm day.   This fruit salad has an ingredient list unlike any other, including raspberries, avocado, pineapple, fennel, radicchio, sunflower seeds and capers.  Its citrus dressing is made with orange juice, lemon juice, coriander, pepper and olive oil.  Unique flavors that make for a fresh new spin on fruit salad!

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6)      Citrus Scallop Summer Salad by

citrus salad scallopsNo need to use expensive scallops for this recipe.  The author uses frozen scallops, making this recipe fast and easy to prepare.  The ingredients include grapefruit, red onion, orange, lime, avocados, cherry tomatoes, cilantro and salt.  Quick to make and a great dish for entertaining!

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7)      Kale, Quinoa, Black Bean Salad

kale black bean saladThere’s no better way to get your dark leafy greens in and have them taste great too!  This dish makes a great lunch for weekends or to make ahead and take to work with you during the week.  It’s made with quinoa, kale leaves, black beans, carrot, red pepper, green onions and avocado.  The dressing is made with lemon, coriander, cumin, chili paste, cilantro, honey and olive oil for a sweet and tangy flavor!

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