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The first official day of Summer is just 46 days away here in the States! And unless you plan on wearing a shirt at the pool… This video comes just in time!

This one exercise will help you to add mass to your back and biceps really quickly. If…

You do it exactly as I show you here! As always, it’s not just “what” you do, but “how” you do it that makes all the difference in the results you see. This is just another example of that. I think you’re going to find this one to be a huge help with Summer just around the corner!


P.S.  The first official day of Summer is just 46 days away here in the States.  Regardless of where you are  reading this, likely warmer weather is here or on the way. Will you be ready for it?  There’s still time…

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P.P.S.  This video will hopefully change your mindset on how you train your back and biceps.  If it inspires you to try this or you want to challenge a friend, please share it with them.  No better way of saying that you like what I am doing for you with my videos.  Appreciate it!

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