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slim thighs and buttHey Ladies…

I wanted to take pull you away from what I’m sure has been yet another busy Saturday juggling roles of mom, carpool captain, cook, wife or girlfriend (among many other titles I’m sure!)…to share with you a quick SuXXess Story, as I like to call them, that has me really impressed and inspired!  It proves not only what is possible with the right training program but it’s going to also dispel one of the biggest myths that we women have been forced to believe comes as a “side effect” of working out!

 Let me explain.


I’m sure you’ve probably experienced how much quicker the weight comes off up top in our busts than down below in the thighs and booty when we work out.  It’s crazy! Cup sizes go down and thigh measurements up?!? You’ve probably even heard that training your legs with weights is the fastest way to make them “bulky”!  So what woman in their right mind would ever work out then???

WELL…When you work out the RIGHT way neither of these have to be true.

Meet Theresa

 44-year old Theresa is a super busy woman that by her own admission had “tried every workout EVER released!” No matter what workout she did or how hard she worked at it…two things were a given. She’d always LOSE HER BOOBS and BULK UP HER THIGHS!  She added…”My weight had fluctuated many times in my life, but even when I was at my lowest I couldn’t seem to get rid of my thighs and butt! This program not only did that, but with how easy it was, I don’t ever see myself gaining it back!”

FROM 159lbs TO 136lbs IN 90 DAYS (working out 30 minutes or less)

 Theresa started the Athlean-XX for Women program at 159 lbs and shot down to a strong, lean and toned 136 lbs in just 90 days. Check out the before and after pics again – you can see the difference the program made in her backside and thighs – amazing!

Even if you’re doing cardio DAILY you’re NOT going to see the important changes we all want to see in our lower bodies. Instead, we get stuck with what I call “SHAPE SHIFTING”. Simply redistributing weight from our upper bodies (unfortunately, most often from the boobs) to our lower bodies (in the form of BIGGER legs and butts)! In order to “flip the switch” you’ve got to change your thinking about working out and specifically…working out with weights! When you strength train (yes…with dumbbells!) the way I have you do in the Athlean XX for Women program you are able to change even the most stubborn area we women face by zeroing in on the exact areas we tend to store fat and provide enough of a stimulus to develop lean, toned muscle instead.

Remember, these stubborn areas are TOTALLY different for women than they are men, so we need workouts that focus on us SPECIFICALLY.

 WHY LEG TRAINING IS SO IMPORTANT! (especially if you want LEAN, TONED legs)

Remember, if you didn’t see my blog post last week, “Lean, Mean Legs: 5 Reasons to Boost Your Leg Workout Now” you can read it by clicking the link! It’s MUST READ material. Training our legs is SUPER important, not only to firm up the muscles in those areas but also for weight loss!  The legs are huge muscles, so stronger legs means more calorie burn and fat burn even when we’re at rest!

But to see results WITHOUT THE BULK, you need the high intensity and fast-paced training that Athlean-XX for Women delivers!




Yes…you CAN get results like Theresa’s doing just the same 30 minute workouts she was.  No more grueling 2 hr cardio sessions at the gym!  No more super low-cal crash diets! With our program, you get a flexible nutrition plan that lets you eat!  And you get your own personal training plan tailored to a woman’s unique needs.

Want to finally say goodbye forever to the fat on your bottom half? 

Give Athlean-XX for Women a try!

We don’t want to be the next trendy “lose weight fast” plan.  We want to provide you with a Training and Nutrition plan that delivers and a plan you can follow for LIFE! Give Athlean-XX for Women a try now!