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Matt Sauer
Matt Sauer – Life Changing Experience (BEST Shape of His Life!)✝✝
Matt Sauer : 41 Eagle , Colorado
I have completed AX-1 and I am currently in the middle of AX-2 and have attached my before and after pictures. I found you and your program while searching Jose Reyes on YouTube (I played college baseball before getting hurt and being a shortstop he was a big influence for me) and after looking more into the program I bought it and the supplements and my money has never been this well spent as fitness has always been a passion of mine.
Jason Morris Jason Morris
Jason Morris – Drops over 30 LBS!✝✝
Jason Morris: 35 Hayward, California
When I first discovered the ATHLEAN-X training program I was really out of shape, my first time through the program I didn't pass my final challenge. That helped me though I pushed myself to do it again and again when I didn't hit my mark. I lost over 30 pounds from the ATHLEAN-X training system, but not only that I was more athletic.
I was no able to run and do pullups and pushups better then I ever had before. I looked much better and felt much better. I thank you Jeff and TEAM ATHLEAN.  
James Chisholm James Chisholm
James Chisholm – Changes His Life, DROPS OVER 45 lbs!✝✝
James Chisholm: 35 Randburg, South Africa
ATHLEAN-X helped me get in the best shape of my life and change my life as well. A fellow member at the gym introduced me ATHLEAN-X. It was revolutionary, there really is nothing like it out there. The workouts change daily and that helps your body never get used to the same thing and no plateaus.
  I loved the program, it was very easy to follow along. You know where you stand with the benchmarks and challenges. Thank you Jeff for everything. Keep up the great work TEAM ATHLEAN.  
Jack Eltman Jack Eltman
Jack Eltman – Firefighter Changes His Life!✝✝
Jack Eltman: 45 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
If it wasn't for his program I would still be putting the last bit of nails in my coffin so to speak. Paying for NXT is the least I could do to somehow thank Jeff for everything he has done, and is still doing, for me and my family.I've been sharing my story with every person I bump into and continue to advocate for his program.
As a Firefighter, this program just fits us so well, especially due to the cardio and the mobility we need to do our jobs. We truly are that "Athlete" that Jeff continuously talks about. Slowly, more people are joining me and making the life change for themselves. I've even finally convinced, after months of hard work, one of the most active muscle head-ripped-dude friend of mine to join us with the NXT program. He just called me to tell me he found muscles he never knew he had. He even had to stop before the end cause he thought he was gonna die. LMFAO!! Only if you knew him. Sorry, I didn't plan on babbling away, it's just that words cannot express how awesome my life is now that I've dismantled that metaphoric coffin and replaced it with a "Login to AthleanX"!!! Thank You Jeff once again.  
Itzak Lefler Itzak Lefler
Itzak Lefler – Gets JACKED Training Like An Athlete!✝✝
Itzak Lefler: 30 Salt Lake City, Utah
What was so great about this program was that it was very challenging but fun at the same time. You could always measure yourself against the rest of TEAM ATHLEAN or Jeff himself! This program will help you no matter what sport you play. Being involved in martial arts this was my secret weapon against my class mates.
It helped me in so many ways and just wanted to say thank you Jeff.  
Greg Ulmer Greg Ulmer
Greg Ulmer – SLASHES inches of Belly Fat and STRENGTHENS CORE✝✝
Greg Ulmer: 40 St. Augustine , Florida
I've been training with the ATHLEAN-X system for about a year now and could not be happier. ATHLEAN-X has helped me to lose over 40 pounds and I am still seeing changes in my body everyday. I love the quick high intensity workouts. The program is laid out all in front of you and super easy to follow. I've noticed great changes at the gym I am getting stronger and can see more definition in my body. Can't go wrong with ATHLEAN-X I recommend it to all my friends. THANKS JEFF.  
It helped me in so many ways and just wanted to say thank you Jeff.  
Adel Hussein Adel Hussein
Adel Hussein – Shows Why Bulking and Cutting Doesn’t Work!✝✝
Adel Hussein : 28 Alexandria , Egypt
I have always been told that I have to build muscle then cut or vice versa. But when ATHLEAN-X came out it made me believe and showed me both can be done at the SAME TIME! I was amazed with the results I got from AX-1. I tried AX-2 and the results were even better. I was looking better then I ever have and feeling more like a athlete like I wanted to.
Jeff is the REAL DEAL! Stay away from other crap that is out there, if you want the real results from a real trainer come join me on TEAM ATHLEAN. I recommend ATHLEAN-X to all my friends.