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Mike Dennis Mike Dennis
Mike Dennis – No GIMMICKS, No FADS!Δ
Mike Dennis: 40 Littleton , Colorado
How many times have we heard the old saying-“Nothing changes IF nothing changes!” True statement! I was for years “That guy” –the guy who tried every fad diet-gimmick supplement pills with false promises on the labels-and countless hours with many different fitness trainers that got me NO WHERE…and besides the wasted time-and MONEY-that’s what happened to me- “NOTHING CHANGED”!!! I came to Athlean-X simply by looking for a good back exercise routine on google one day-and the first video I saw was Athlean-X.
I decided at that point I was going to commit to one thing AND ONE THING ONLY-Athlean-X The Athlean-X program completely changed the way I viewed my training-nutrition-and routines irreparably! No longer was I distracted with what other guys were doing to achieve their personal goals-I had something that was mine and it WORKS!!! The videos-Express tips-and Jeff’s vast knowledge of the elite athletic programs is what I use as the basis for all my training-and most importantly-how I changed my nutrition and eating habits (No more will I use the term diet!). I am veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan-and one of the most important qualities I got from my military career was Discipline-This has helped to stay the course from the Athlean-X program-and after nearly 6 months of hard work and Jeff’s coaching(Via my laptop screen!), I have decreased my body fat by nearly 10 percent! I am crushing my workouts in the gym-and have incorporated a no nonsense application to my Burst training sessions and it is the MOST effective approach to losing the BODY FAT and increasing the LEAN MUSCLE-also I am committed to the Athlean RX supplements-so no more will I even step into a Vitamin Shoppe or GNC and waste money on products that I know nothing about! Jeff you have given me the insight on how to train like and LOOK like an Athlete at huge discounted cost!!! Guys – this is the REAL DEAL and it works! I have transformed from just an average guy in the gym-to the guy who gets IT DONE RIGHT and is looking more like an athlete every day. I stay humble-remain teachable-work hard-and am COMMITTED to what works for me-TEAM ATHLEAN!!!! Jeff I want to personally Thank you (as does my wife!) for what you have brought to guys like me!!!!!  
Neil Burne
Neil Burne – ATHLEAN X Becomes His RELIGIONΔ
Neil Burne: 51 Waikota , New Zealand
Thanks Jeff for a great program. I found you on YouTube and haven't looked back since. Your exercises are always changing and safe, which helps someone overcoming past injuries. I've been training for a few years and was always bulking up but never cutting down I thought that you had to do the two separately.
Well Jeff shows us that isn't true. I recommend it to my friends and they have seen the difference in me as well. Thanks to the whole team for everything you guys do.  
John Tarantino
John TarantinoΔ
John Tarantino: 60 East Greenwich, Rhode Island
I love the program and Jeff is fantastic. Not only do I use the ATHLEAN-X program, which is extremely varied and challenging, but I watch and learn from all of Jeff’s You Tube videos. He always has helpful information and practical tips on how to maximize results and improve form.
I am a big fan. I am almost 60 years old and I know that I am in excellent shape for my age, much better and stronger than I was 20 or even 30 years ago. I owe a debt to Jeff. He has helped me to become healthy and fit, strong and confident. Recently, my 6 year old granddaughter asked me, when I was holding her, how did I get rocks in my arms? The answer: Thanks to ATHLEAN-X and Jeff, that’s how.  
Jeremy Boyle
Jeremy Boyle – From Skeleton Thin on P90X to Athletically JACKED on ATHLEAN-XΔ
Jeremy Boyle: 41 Brentwood, California
I've been on ATHLEAN-X for about 5 months now and I absolutely love it, best decision I ever made. I was training with p90x prior to this and all that it helped me to was slim down to skin and bones. With ATHLEAN-X I put on about 15 pounds of muscle and have never felt better.
It's a great program from Jeff's knowledgeable videos to all the help you can get from other TEAM ATHLEAN members.  
Al Smith Al Smith
Al SmithΔ
Al Smith : 65 King, North Carolina
I have been a follower since the beginning when I had to print out the exercises. My wife is a member also. A little about me. I'll be 65 in March. I've had 2 heart attacks, one called the "widow maker", a 100% blockage in my left coronary artery. This actually happened while I was working out. The Dr. did say that my condition is what kept me from dying. I can't do all of your exercises but I do what I can. I will do a set of weights, push-ups, etc then walk for 1-2 minutes on the treadmill at about 4 mph just to keep my heart rate up and to keep from being bored.
Enjoy your videos and hope you continue and all is well.    
Andy Chatman
Andy ChatmanΔ
Andy Chatman: 48 Pittsford, New York
The overall transformation is more than I could have imagined. I went from sheathes of fat to structured lean muscle in 6 months (2 Rounds of Athlean-X). I never lost interest in the program, it was as fun and challenging on the final day as it was on the first. The TNT videos are incredibly educational, and those techniques when carried over into the daily program make the program even more effective.
Best of luck for continued success. Thanks for getting me off my butt -- as a 48 year old it was probably the last legitimate chance I'd have of getting back into shape.      
Doug Flamm – Law Enforcement Veteran Ready to Teach His StudentsΔ
Doug Flamm: 51 New Richmond, Ohio
I'm a 20 year law enforcement veteran. I've completed AX-1 and AX-2 twice. I really love the programs. I will be retiring soon and be teaching students. I will be implementing what Jeff has taught me in the ATHLEAN-X program. I will use his meal plan and his training principles to help my students to perform defensive tactics and physical training.
Thank you Jeff for a great program and all the hard work you do.  
Robert Bowles
Robert Bowles – 56 Year Old Best Shape Ever (Training at Home!)Δ
Robert Bowles: 58 Millersburg, Ohio
I'm 56 years old and I love the ATHLEAN-X training program. Jeff Cavaliere is a awesome trainer. I am in better shape now at 56 then I was at 40. You do not need a big gym to complete the training with ATHLEAN-X. You can do it right in your own home like I do with a few pieces of equipment.
If you want a great program that will get your in better shape and stronger if your over 50 like me then I highly recommend this one.  
Bob Zitnik Bob Zitnik
Bob Zitnik – Drops 30 lbs, Gets JACKED!!!Δ
Bob Zitnik : 68 Aurora , Colorado
On ATHLEAN-X, I ended up losing 30 lb! It was a great program. This process allowed me to get lean and get fit by torching fat and boosting muscles. The first 30 days are intense, with hard, but achievable goals. I pushed myself past what I thought were my limits and felt great upon reaching those goals.
Then, "the bar goes up the next month." An average joe can complete this program; he just has to set his mind to it. I recommend this program to anybody who wants to get in better shape.  
Kevin Brophy
Kevin BrophyΔ
Kevin Brophy : 40 Summerville, South Carolina
I started following ATHLEAN-X through Jeff's YouTube videos before buying the program. I can't be happier with the results and I am going to start round 2 next week. I started out at 197 pounds and currently 179 pounds with much less body fat and a lot of lean muscle to show for the hard work.
It was well worth the money, I have friends that have paid thousands of dollars for personal trainers and didn't get the results that I received for 97 dollars. Thank you ATHLEAN-X for changing my life and motivating me quickly by seeing the results.