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Jorge Pacheco
Jorge PachecoΔ
Jorge Pacheco : 54 Miami , Florida
ATHLEAN-x has been great for me.  I have used P90, Insanity, and other programs. All good, but always had its shortcomings in one way or another. ATHLEAN-X is just right. Will be moving to AX2 next can't wait. Keep up the good work Jeff!  
Jason Black Jason Black
Jason BlackΔ
Jason Black : 44 Southwest Ranches, Florida
I just wanted to let you know that I completed your 12 week program and absolutely LOVED it! I am 42 y/o and have been working out for years doing the same old gym workouts. Your program added a new variety and a new found excitement in my approach to working out. I am a firefighter who needs to be in overall physical shape with both cardio and physical strength as heart attacks are the number one killer in our profession. The workouts are 30 to 40 minutes of intense strength and cardio which is perfect for my job .
As a firefighter we go from rest to full on intense work which you have us doing daily for 12 straight weeks. I am looking forward to starting the 12 weeks again but adding the TNT workouts each week. I am including some before and after photos which you can see has changed my physical appearance. What you cant see is the endurance that Ive gained. Thank you again and keep the great YouTube videos coming.  
Kurt Koerth
Kurt Koerth – Loses Weight to Gain MUSCLE!Δ
Kurt Koerth: 44 Fullerton, California
Thanks Jeff for the ATHLEAN-X program it has been great. Has helped me keep up with my young kids and has helped all of us stay in great shape for the upcoming baseball season. Keep up the good work.  
Matt Sauer
Matt Sauer – Life Changing Experience (BEST Shape of His Life!)Δ
Matt Sauer : 41 Eagle , Colorado
I have completed AX-1 and I am currently in the middle of AX-2 and have attached my before and after pictures. I found you and your program while searching Jose Reyes on YouTube (I played college baseball before getting hurt and being a shortstop he was a big influence for me) and after looking more into the program I bought it and the supplements and my money has never been this well spent as fitness has always been a passion of mine.
Eugene Bunnell – Loses 12 Lb. of Fat!Δ
Eugene Bunnell: 46 Shiocton, Wisconsin
I was looking for a program to get in ATHLETIC shape and I came across the ATHLEAN-X facebook page. I got back into the gym and did my old high school routine and then tried some Insanity and P90X, that cost me a lot of money with little results. I first subscribed to your YouTube page and started using your videos and tips there in my daily workout routine and started seeing changes so I decided to try the program.
I lost 12-14 pounds very quickly. The program is daily short workouts and they change everyday. Can't say enough about the burst cardio workouts they are so easy to do anywhere. I've tried the supplements and they are helping and feel like I'm getting the best bang for my buck. Thanks Jeff!  
Tony Yam – Drops Over 40 LB!!!Δ
Tony Yam: 43 Bristol, United Kingdom
I just wanted to say thank you for the ATHLEAN-X program. I joined 90 days ago and in those 90 days I never got bored from working out and actually looked forward to working out everyday. The program is laid out right in front of you and very easy to follow. I purchased your supplements as well and love them glad I did.
ATHLEAN-X has been one of the best things I have ever done in my life and I'm glad I decided to join. Thanks Jeff for a great program I highly recommend it to anyone.  
Joe Carr
Joe Carr – Preps for Tough Mudder and TORCHES Body FatΔ
Joe Carr: 50 Grand Junction, Colorado
Loved the program was very pleased with my results. Being a runner I thought I would be able to shed some pounds off that I was looking for but I wasn't able to do that till I found ATHLEAN-X. It gotten me in great shape for the tough mudder and helped me do better in it then I had in the past, looking forward to continuing my training with ATHLEAN-X.
I plan to continue on with ATHLEAN-X because it is something that works no doubt about that. Thanks Jeff for all the good stuff.  
Dave Gonzalez Dave Gonzalez
Dave Gonzalez – Overweight Truck Driver Now on the Road To Fitness!Δ
Dave Gonzalez : 45 Schertz, Texas
What I loved about the ATHLEAN-X program was a I was never a really athletic person before but when I started training with ATHLEAN-X that all changed. My body made significant improvements. I loved the ease of the program how easy it was to follow the workouts and the meal plan whether you wanted to work out at the gym or at home you just do it.
I really would like to shake your hand Jeff and say thank you for everything you did.    
Doug Wilson Doug Wilson
Doug Wilson – 61 Year Old Proves You Can Build Muscle at ANY Age!!Δ
Doug Wilson: 63 California
Have been following the program for a couple months now and love it. Jeff is a very inspiring and motivating coach, with the look that we are all looking for so he has the product to back it up. I am noticing a improvement in my stamina and strength, the challenges push me every time one comes up.
I think at first that I have no chance at my age to make it through, but I push myself and surprised each time how well I do. I look forward to see what is next everyday in the program. Keep up the good work Jeff.  
Len Ware
Len WareΔ
Len Ware: 51 Pasadena, Maryland
I am a 51 year young man. I started the program about 1.5 years ago. I wanted a real fitness program to follow and ATHLEAN-X looked great to me. I was impressed that Jeff was a physical therapist on top of being a conditioning coach. I used trainers before and hurt myself using their methods.
I later realized they knew nothing about how the body functioned. There are too many knuckleheads giving bad advice!  I will be running the Worlds Tougest Mudder with my step son and nephew in November. Thanks to Jeff, I feel more than capable of completing the 24 hour challenge. Thank you for the program and the education provided along the way.