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Edgar P Edgar P
Edgar PalominosΔ
Edgar P: 19 Mountain View , California
After gaining a bad 70 lbs over a 2 year span in high school, and went from a size 29 waist to 34, it was hard for me because I was always the athletic type of guy who plays soccer. At the age of 19 I decided to try to get back in shape and turned to the program INSANITY which was okay for the first week or so because I couldn’t force myself to stay on the program longer, it was too hard for my body to handle at that time. I was online when I came across ATHLEAN-X, I was interested, saw some YouTube videos and liked what I saw.
After purchasing the AX-1 program I was hooked after the 1st workout. I saw a great change in my weight as I went from 195 lbs to 148. After completing the AX-1 I purchased the AX-2 and I can say I’m in the best shape I’ve been in a long time! I love this program and have recommended it to many people who are thinking of turning to INSANITY or P90X. A life changer!!  
Jeremiah Hammon Jr – Self Proclaimed FREAK Loves Every Workout!Δ
Jeremiah Hammon Jr: 27 Salt Lake City, Utah
I am a ATHLEAN-X FREAK and I love your program Jeff. I've gone through AX-1, AX-2 and the T.N.T. workouts. I highly recommend you and your product to all my friends. One of the things I like most about ATHLEAN-X are the videos you do every week on YouTube. Those videos teach us many things and give us extra workouts that we can add to our training and it's all for free.
I really do love all the stuff you do and thanks for everything Jeff keep up the good work.  
Tatum Ellis Tatum Ellis
Tatum Ellis: 19 Marshfield, Wisconsin
Thanks for a great program Jeff. I dropped my body fat percentage from 12.2% down to 5.2% and putting on 13 lb. of muscle, my body looks absolutely RIPPED. Fitness has always been a passion of mine, but the problem is that I've never got the results I was looking for. I tried other programs, like P90x and Insanity, and never really gained what I was looking for.
But as soon as I tried ATHLEAN-X that all changed.  
Russell Byrne Russell Byrne
Russell Byrne – STRONGER and HEALTHIER than Ever BeforeΔ
Russell Byrne: 48 London, United Kingdom
Thanks for the great program Jeff in under a year I was able to transform my body. I went through the AX-1 program 5 times and just finished my first round of AX-2 and loved every minute of it. I shredding fat and developing 6 pack abs. My body has become more defined and healthier then it ever was before.
I've recommended it to many friends after they have seen my great results. The AX-2 was much tougher then I thought it was going to be and that is great, keep up the good work Jeff.  
Max Bauer Max Bauer
Max Bauer – Packs on SERIOUS Size (and Gets RIPPED!!)Δ
Max Bauer: 27 Bochum, Denmark
ATHLEAN-X has helped me very much. I used to spend  7 days a week and up to 2 hours in the gym and after finding ATHLEAN-X I learned all I was doing was not making progress. It has helped me learn the right way and how to workout.  AX-1 helped me get into great shape and perform better on the soccer field.
I also highly recommend the RX supplement line, I feel they are the best out there. The ATHLEAN-X meal plan helped me take my training to the next level, you can really see your body changing with every meal. Thanks guys!  
Kyle Matherson
Kyle Matherson
Mount Sinai, New York
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Jean Francois Morissette
Jean Francois Morissette
Granby, Quebec
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Isaiah Jackson
Isaiah Jackson
Whiting, Indiana
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Hasani Davis Hasani Davis
Hasani Davis – Proves Bulking and Cutting is B.S!Δ
Hasani Davis: 28 Evanston, Illinois
Just wanted to say thanks to Jeff and TEAM ATHLEAN for your programs they are by far the best out there. They helped me become stronger and more ripped then I ever had been in my life. Loved your no B.S. approach with your program you lay everything out for us and it's there for us to do. I had followed past myths of believing that I had to bulk and cut but not together. Well thank you for showing me the right away of doing it in with with great results. THANK YOU TEAM ATHLEAN.  
Chris Weber Chris Weber
Chris Weber – Chisels Over 40 POUNDS of Fat!Δ
Chris Weber: 26 Sea Ranch Lakes, Florida
I could not have asked for much more out of the ATHLEAN-X program! It reinvigorated my passion for working out, and I generally looked forward to putting my body through the next day's workout even if I knew there was going to be hell to pay. As a busy commodities trader in a sociable industry, I travel a fair bit and tend to over eat and over imbibe.
I had let myself get to a whopping 229 lbs with 27% body fat, at which time I knew that I had to change things up. I had tried INSANITY previously, but got burned out and went on a 6 month no workout and binge eating and drinking routine (if you will - hence, the 229 lbs). So, I began ATHLEAN-X and was immediately hooked as it re-sparked my competitive spirit and athleticism that I had felt that I had been losing ever since high school. Though I was unable to follow the diet to the T as per reasons mentioned above and was only able to complete the program after a total of 4 months (1 month worth of traveling where I did basic workouts based on ATHLEAN-X principles), I was able to drop my weight to 206 lbs with a far lower 17% body fat. Needless to say, I highly recommend the program for not only the duration and intensity of the workouts as well as the principles, but because they are both fun and can yield tremendous results. I am glad to say that I am a fan and was one of the first people who was able to sneak through the cracks and purchase AX-2. Thanks Jeff for steering me in the right direction again. Even now I find it difficult to imagine that I had reached such a poor physique...ATHLEAN-X was the cure!  
David Flores David Flores
David FloresΔ
David Flores: 23 Tegucigalpa, Honduras
These are my before and after pictures. I have to say that I am completely satisfied with the results of my workouts with Athlean-x (Athlean Xero). Now I have a more slim muscular body which was my primary objective when I joined the Athlean team. Thanks Jeff Cavaliere. I learned a lot during the program as well as with your youtube videos.
Glad to be part of this team. Stay strong,
Jonathan Hawkins Jonathan Hawkins
Jonathan Hawkins – Builds an INSANE Chest (CHISELED Abs)Δ
Jonathan Hawkins: 24 Columbus, Ohio
I have done ATHLEAN-X and really loved it. At this time I follow your principles with my training at my gym that tremendously help me train for amateur natural bodybuilding competitions as a bantamweight.I have also been using the RX supplement stack and think they are some of the best if not the best supplements I have taken! I am 24 years old and won my Junior class (24 and under) here in Ohio at the NOBA natural show and currently training for some shows for next year to continue my success!  
Spac Lingwood Spac Lingwood
Spac Lingwood – Professional Drummer ROCKS His Way to A Sick Body!Δ
Spac Lingwood: 28 Johannesburg, South Africa
I love the ATHLEAN-X program. It's great for me because I have limited time to train and it gives me a great workout and I can still get the results I'm looking for. The workouts change daily as well as the meal plan so your body is always getting something new. This is the complete package here, thanks JEFF!