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Henrik Andersson Henrik Andersson
Henrik AnderssonΔ
Henrik Andersson: 28 Brussels, Belgium
I just felt compelled to write you and say thank you for a wonderful program. So "thank you for a wonderful program"! I'll be starting on week 6 tomorrow and I feel great already. I thought I was in quite good shape before ATHLEAN-X but I really get my ass kicked a few days a week now. And I love it! I've noticed that my personal weakness is the conditioning/"cardio" days. I did the box jump/burpee for 20 minutes exercise this thursday and that might have been one of the most exhausting workouts of my entire life!  
Brandon Cueva – From SLOWEST to FASTEST player on the FIELDΔ
Brandon Cueva: 20 Fayetteville , Arkansas
I play baseball and I wanted to get stronger and faster. So I found the ATHLEAN-X training system and I gave it a shot. It has helped a lot. My own mom didn't even recognize me on the baseball field. Not just her but coaches have told me as well they have seen a big increase in speed and strength.
I've made great improvements already and I have only been training for a month. I look forward to the rest of the program and whatever else COACH JEFF has to offer.  
Will Hamele
Will Hamele – A+ Review (Doesn’t Compare to Any Other Program!)Δ
Will Hamele : 35 Pikesville , Maryland
Thanks Jeff for a great program and a no nonsense approach.  I love that I can get a intense workout on my lunch break in less then 40 minutes. I know also that each day we will be training different and eating different so I like how it really switches it up. You did a great job laying out the program for us, it is very easy to follow as well.
This program really kept me excited through the whole 90 days. The challenges are great also because you can see where you stand against Jeff and others going through the same program as you.  
Asim Kaleem Asim Kaleem
Asim Kaleem – Slashes body fat and gets SIX PACK ABSΔ
Asim Kaleem : 32 Torrance, California
I stumbled upon one of your videos on YouTube and what caught my eye was your passion for fitness. I decided that I wanted to change my life and invested in the ATHLEAN-X training program. I went from being 32% body fat down to 10%. I trained like an athlete because I wanted to look like an athlete.
I can say that ATHLEAN-X was one of the best investments I made. The program is great and can not say enough good things about the program. You stay strong too Jeff! ]
Mike Vitiello
Mike Vitiello – Gets BICEPS and ABS to Die For!Δ
Mike Vitiello : 26 Los Angeles , California
I've been doing ATHLEAN-X for over a year now and I have gone through two rounds of training. I love Jeff's weekly YouTube videos as well they are always keeping us up to date on new information and training workouts that Jeff is using himself. Thanks for the great program Jeff.
By far the best program out there. Everyday is something new and different and keeps your body guessing. Love everything you do and keep up the great work.  
Andre Budnick
Andre Budnick
Citrus Springs, Florida
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Baker Bayat
Baker Bayat
Ontario, Canada
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Nicholas Moats
Nicholas Moats – Challenges WON’T Stop Him!Δ
Nicholas Moats: 26 Newport News, Virginia
Great program guys and I hope you continue to make them. They are very challenging mentally and physically and I love it. It pushes you and keeps you coming back for more. The way Jeff has set up the program is makes you want to work harder and do better on the challenges.  Great job again Jeff.
Michael Pittman
Michael Pittman – The REAL “MAGIC MIKE” Trusts Only One Program!Δ
Michael Pittman: 21 Austin, Texas
Thanks for great program that is nothing like anything else out there. I lost 25 pounds of fat and gained 10 pounds of muscle. Jeff really teaches you the right things to do and serious training. I made all the same mistakes when I first started out doing routines that everyone else was doing.
But not with ATHLEAN-X every day was new exercises and new workout routines. I know I have a long way to go to reach my final goals but I am no longer worried now that I am training with ATHLEAN-X. Thanks for everything Jeff!  
Sandeep Thind
Sandeep Thind : 30 London, Great Britain
I love the fact that the workouts are “structured and organized,” that everything is straight forward and easy to use, giving step-by-step instructions to make sure that workouts are done properly and effectively. The meal plan is great, with a variety of different food options made available, there is never an opportunity to get tired of what to eat.
Thanks for a great program Jeff.  
Tim Brevart – Program CHANGES His LifeΔ
Tim Brevart: 25 Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
I wanted to tell you a little bit about my experience with ATHLEAN-X. I was a swimmer all through high and college, but I never had good weight lifting knowledge or direction in the gym. I didn't discover ATHLEAN-X til I was a sophomore in college and that first work out sure hurt but it changed the way I know workout forever.
This program changed my life, it really allowed me to see the value in exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. It also showed me that working out can be fun and always changing and we are always able to evolve and get better. Thanks Jeff for a great program and helping us all out.  
Leighton Davies
Leighton DaviesΔ
Leighton Davies : 35 Wales, United Kingdom
Jeff just wanted to say how great this program is. I have learned so much over a few months in terms of nutrition and training and now it feels natural rather than difficult to make the right choices. I love all your videos and incorporate your new techniques into my workout all the time.
I am going to continue with the program forever, as I've got the best body I've ever had with your help. Thank you for everything it's been life changing.