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Eduardo Eduardo
Eduardo MoralesΔ
Eduardo: 30 Clifton, NJ
I truly enjoyed Jeff's programs. I have purchased 5 workouts for myself in addition to one for my wife (AXX) and one for my dad (XERO 2) . I used to do another workout program but I ran into ATHLEAN-X when I realized that I needed something that will push me to levels I wouldn't think possible. When I was 25 years old, I couldn't move out of bed for three months because of my back problems (I had a spine fusion surgery on two levels of my lower back).
After that I changed my life by paying attention to what I eat and by following a great fitness coach (Jeff) . The stronger I am the better my back feels. My experience was an eye opener and I am happy I have Jeff to support my new style of living. Not only am I looking great but also feeling stronger and healthier. Stay strong my friends!
Marcus Marcus
Marcus SimmonsΔ
Marcus: 38 Manchester, Tn
My name is Marcus Simmons. I’m 38 years old, and ATHLEAN-X has changed my life. I began in 2016. I was unhappy, and knew exactly why. I was laying awake in bed and came across one of your YouTube videos. I bought the program that night before I went to sleep. It’s the 1st program I’ve truly stuck with. Once I began to see results....I could not stop. I immersed myself in your meal plan. I watched more of your YouTube videos. I became eager to learn.
I’ve completed AX1, AX2, all of the NXT programs, Xero, Inferno Shred, Inferno Size, Beaxst. I am currently working my way back through the NXT programs. I’ve never felt better or looked better. It is truly an amazing feeling to be able to take your shirt off and have NO FEAR. ATHLEAN-X has impacted every aspect of my life from my relationship with my wife and kids, to my performance at work. Now, everyday I feel I have a goal or a challenge. The days that I may fall short or fail, just reinvigorate me for tomorrow. Thank you!!!
Jason Jason
Jason RegoΔ
Jason: 33 Middleton Grange, Nsw
I always wanted to look like the superheroes that i used read about in comics. So I started working out at home, saw no results, started training with a PT and saw some results for about a year and then plateaued for a year. I then found Jeff's videos on Youtube and discovered ATHLEAN-X.
I bought the Total Beaxst program and have had great results. I also bought its sequel, Monster Maker, and got stronger, leaner and more conditioned. After three years of training with ATHEAN-X programs i look and feel better than I ever have before.
Krishna Minala – From Regular Guy to Men’s Health Magazine Cover Model!!Δ
Krishna Minala:
I started following the ATHLEAN-X training program in 2011 and like most people that work out I was looking for the quick answer. I never wanted to do cardio, running just didn't appeal to me so at one point I was just lifting and kept getting bigger. Once I found ATHLEAN-X that all changed their was no running involved but their burst workouts were tougher then cardio.
They are so much more fun and appealing to me. You are burning fat while gaining muscle at the same time, they are super high intense but short at the same time. This has helped me change the way I train. Thanks again Jeff.