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Dayton Graham Dayton Graham
Dayton GrahamΔ
Dayton Graham : 25 Calgary , Alberta
Jeff and TEAM ATHLEAN is the best thing that has come into my life. I have had the program for 2 years now and only started using it 3 months ago. I've never felt better about these results. Those 2 years in the gym while not following the program I now feel was a complete waste of time. I didn't sweat as much and never saw the results I wanted. Thanks to Jeff and AX-1 I have seen great progress and I plan to use all ATHLEAN-X programs to keep me fit for life.  
Adam Ostrove Adam Ostrove
Adam Ostrove – Hardgainer Will NEVER Train Without Jeff Again!Δ
Adam Ostrove : 20 Silver Spring, Maryland
Thanks for the great program Jeff. I was a runner and this program whipped me. I trained harder then I had ever before. I look better than I have ever before. I was very happy with my decision to train with ATHLEAN-X. I was very impressed with the program. I found Jeff's videos on YouTube and they helped me along with the AX-1 training program.
If you follow what Jeff says in the program then you will get the results it says you will. You will train like an athlete and you will then look like an athlete.  
Matt Matt
Matt RooneyΔ
Matt: 44 Summerhill, Tas
I’ve been training for nearly 20 years and ATHLEAN-X showed me how to train smarter. It taught me that I don’t need to spend hours in the gym and that I can do a high quality, intense workout and get better results in just a fraction of the time.
Will Alt Will Alt
Will AltΔ
Will Alt: 72 Dallas, Texas
After starting AX -1,  four months ago, I look forward to my workout sessions. I’ve also utilized many of Jeff’s other YouTube videos which focus on specific areas.  Already I feel better, sleep better, have more endurance and see new muscle tone focusing on abs, biceps and glutes.  My friends have noticed changes as well.   I have always been lean, active, energetic, with good metabolism with the desire to get into a viable exercise program to no avail due to time limitations and other commitments.
  Self-motivation was a struggle for a regular fitness routine.  Most prior exercise was limited to jogging, bicycling and swimming.  Meanwhile the Focus T-25 program sits on the shelf, unused and will remain so.   At my age, I suspect I am older than most ATHLEAN-X  members.  It’s always fun to see people's reactions when they learn my age. I’ve maintained the same weight for probably the past 20 years along with the lack of muscle mass or toning, not because I didn’t try.  I have always been conscious of good nutrition but find Jeff’s suggested meal plans and nutrition tips most helpful and on target with plenty of variety of “normal” healthy protein, fruits and vegetables.  While I struggle to meet many of the reps or sets and challenges, I press on   Jeff’s professional certifications, his knowledge of the human anatomy, muscular skeletal system, nutrition, etc. are second to none.  He thoroughly explains the correct how to and why of each exercise routine.  His enthusiasm, knowledge and presentation skills are outstanding making ATHLEAN-X unsurpassed.  I highly recommend it to anyone interested in a better, healthier life style. Stay the course, you will not be disappointed.
Christian Haagensen – Prepares KARATE Athlete to be BEST in COUNTRYΔ
Christian Haagensen: 20 Oslo, Norway
Currently I am one of the best karate athletes in my country. I am training with ATHLEAN-X and has helped me so much. I am in the AX-1 program and using the T.N.T. workouts as well. What I love most about the program is the 6 Pack Promise, I use this on a daily basis. It helps train my core in ways I never thought possible and is constantly changing.
AX-1 is great because even if you don't have a lot of time to work out you can still do it because the workouts are short but very intense. Thanks for helping me make great gains TEAM ATHLEAN.  
Peter Peter
Peter AldersonΔ
Peter: 67 Armadale, Victoria
I’ve tried pretty much every program Jeff has designed and developed. I absolutely love them. My go to is AX-1. I’ve completed it numerous times - like back to basics after illness or injury or after 8 months of lockdown here in Melbourne Australia. It gets me ready for more demanding programs. After doing AX-1 after lockdown I moved on to BANE to strength my legs. Really liked the exercises. Currently enjoying Old School Iron - one month original version.
Once done I’ll be moving on to the most recent Old School Iron program for a number of months. It’s all just so motivating, varied and effective. By June 2021 I’ll be in a position to go ahead with Beaxst and continue building my perfect body! Thanks Jeff for the variety and motivation - and the RESULTS!
Brett Brett
Brett Biggs – The BEST Training Program Out There!Δ
Brett: 29 Washington Ch, Oh
The ATHLEAN-X programs are by far the most effective and value based programs I have ever used. The variability of each program truly offers a worthwhile training regimen for anyone, anywhere, at any skill level. Jeff and the team have combined practicality and science to provide what essentially amounts to the best and last source of training you will every need.
If you are honestly willing to take more than your body is willing to give you, ATHLEAN-X will deliver the results.
Jay Jay
Jay SituΔ
Jay: 38 Shanghai,
AX-1 and AX-2 are life changers for me. I cut my body fat percentage from around 20-22% to 13% within just 6 months and significantly increased my athletic level. Based on the foundation built from AX-1 and AX-2, I am able to keep working out with other AX programs such as Inferno Size and Total Beaxst which both enhanced my strength levels and athletic abilities. I will continue my AX journey and revel in how fortunate I am to have found ATHLEAN-X!
Matt Matt
Matt BernalΔ
Matt: 32 Mountain Home, AR
I have done almost all of Jeff's programs and can tell you there is nothing better than them anywhere online or on the market. As a PTA and a certified trainer I can totally back everything Jeff does and says, i's also nice to have a bigger name actually telling the truth and backing it with science and knowledge obtained from training and physical therapy.
Kareem Kareem
Kareem RogersΔ
Kareem: 25 Chicago, Il
Jeff gave me a different outlook on health and fitness. Back then, I would consistently eat junk food while having no idea what workouts I should do to become more athletic, strong, and healthy. One day, I saw one of Jeff's videos on YouTube and decided to give his workouts a try after I felt like I went through a good workout. I can definitely tell you that was one of the best decisions I ever made as not only do I regularly purchase and use Jeff's programs, but I eat way healthier and I work hard to be better than yesterday.
There are many things I can tell you to explain how much ATHLEAN-X helped me, but the best way for you to figure it out is to try it yourself.