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Richard Purseglove
Richard Purseglove – To the Gym and Back in LESS THAN AN HOUR✝✝
Richard Purseglove: 35 Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
I have been training on and off for over 10 years and during this time I have tried hundreds of supplements, weight loss products, diets, training programs and nothing has provided any notable long term results. I was at the point where I wasn't going to spend another penny on quick fixes but i had no idea what to try next.
... I had pretty much given up.The BEFORE photos you see above where during a period of training before AthLEAN-X when I thought I was seeing results (this is why I took the photos!!) and my weight was around 210lbs. I hammered out set after set after set of Bench Presses, Bicep Curls etc. and soon began to get bored and frustrated, resulting in the same old outcome.... I stopped training, lost any muscle gains as well as putting what seemed like more fat on than before!I hadn't trained for months when I came across Jeff's AthLEAN-X program. What a savior! I decided to go for it and take one last leap of faith.I lost 28lbs and felt much stronger than ever before. I loved every session in the gym and pushed myself to the limit for 30-40 minutes. I was actually just selected as the most improved member of my gym for my hard work! Thanks Jeff!  
Tom Gordon
Tom Gordon – Bigger Arms, Better Abs, (STILL NOT DONE!)✝✝
Tom Gordon: 45 Canal Windchester, Ohio
Jeff I've been doing the AX-1 and AX-2 programs for over 6 months now and I love them. What I like about the program is that the workouts are quick and under 45 minutes so you can get it in and out. I also like the workouts because they are fun. Everyday is something new so it keeps the body guessing and it is not the same thing all over again.
Training with ATHLEAN-X makes me feel excited every time I get ready to work out because of the great gains and progress I am seeing already.  
Ronan Collins
Ronan Collins – First Two Weeks, GREAT Results✝✝
Ronan Collins: 22 Newry, Ireland
 I was a bit skeptic at first to buy a online program training program but I did some research and decided that ATHLEAN-X was the one for me. After the first two weeks though my mind was at ease because I started to see some great results. After those same two weeks family and friends were starting to make comments how even they were seeing differences in me.
I highly recommend it because it has helped me change my lifestyle. If you are thinking about it I urge you to try it and get started today don't waste any more time.  
Rhys Webster
Rhys Webster – Prepares Him to DOMINATE Rugby✝✝
Rhys Webster: 18 Doncaster, United Kingdom
When I first started working out I was just looking for a program to get in better shape athletically, I needed to be more powerful, explosive and quicker for ruby. I just finished AX-1 and can't wait to move onto AX-2. I was able to lose body fat and put on serious muscle at the same time all while increasing my speed and quickness.
I also purchase the T.N.T. workouts and plan on using those and can't wait for NXT to be released thanks again TEAM ATHLEAN  keep up the good work.  
Matt Walker
Matt Walker – Prepares to DOMINATE Tough Mudder✝✝
Matt Walker: 23 Santa Rose, California
Really love the program, I have been using it for about 20 weeks now. My friend was doing it and I saw him getting some great results and I decided to try it myself. I didn't follow the mean plan as well as I should have but still saw amazing results. This is a great program for any athlete, I myself am training for a Tough Mudder and this has helped so much.
Jeff has set up the workout plan so it is really easy and simple to follow. You are also in and out of the gym or training in under 40 minutes so that is great.  
Luis Sanchez
Luis Sanchez✝✝
Luis Sanchez: 21 El Paso, Texas
I have struggled with my weight my whole life and self esteem has always been an issue for me. Getting chicks was impossible! Then, I found The AthLEAN-X System on youtube when I was trying to find out how Taylor Lautner got his abs... you know... the ones that all the girls are talking about at my school haha! So I started doing Jeff's workout and started to see big improvements.
These changes got me pumped and now I don't plan on ever going back to the way I used to look. I feel great, have definitely changed my body and added new muscle (especially in my arms), and even the girls would no tell you I look good too! Watch out Taylor! Thanks so much for everything Jeff!  
Kyle Klinzing
Kyle Klinzing – PT Student Learns EVEN MORE From Jeff!✝✝
Kyle Klinzing: 23 Waukesha, Wisconsin
The after picture is of me after AX-1 and currently halfway thru AX-2. One big reason I love ATHLEAN-X is I'm in and out of of the gym in 30 minutes. Before ATHLEAN-X I was training 1 1/2 hours 4-5 days/week but with ATHLEAN-X I'm training more efficient and more intense than ever.
Another reason why I love ATHLEAN-X is that I am currently a physical therapy student (which is another reason why I love the shorter training sessions) and Jeff really does a great job explaining the bio mechanics and exercise physiology behind everyone of his workouts. He has not only helped reach my training goals, but has also helped give me a better understanding of the concepts I am learning in class!  
Jason Morris Jason Morris
Jason Morris – Drops over 30 LBS!✝✝
Jason Morris: 35 Hayward, California
When I first discovered the ATHLEAN-X training program I was really out of shape, my first time through the program I didn't pass my final challenge. That helped me though I pushed myself to do it again and again when I didn't hit my mark. I lost over 30 pounds from the ATHLEAN-X training system, but not only that I was more athletic.
I was no able to run and do pullups and pushups better then I ever had before. I looked much better and felt much better. I thank you Jeff and TEAM ATHLEAN.  
Jackson Mayer Jackson Mayer
Jackson Mayer – Hard gainer packs on SERIOUS MUSCLE✝✝
Jackson Mayer: 22 Sarasota , Florida
I was a little skeptical at first because I had just tried P90x and all that did for me was help me lose muscle and look skinny. I went through the ATHLEAN-X program and absolutely loved every minute of it. It was tough and challenging but it pushed you and you got the results you were looking for.
I receive compliments all the time now on my body and have ATHLEAN-X to thank.  
Cory Camps
Cory Camps – Drops 6 Pants Sizes!!✝✝
Cory Camps: 50 Oconto, Wisconsin
This is a great program everything is laid out right in front of you, no guessing involved all you have to do is listen to Jeff. It's great because you can do it at the gym or at home just depends on your preference. Since finding this program ATHLEAN-X has become a part of my life now.
Since starting the program I've gone down 6 pant sizes and have lost a good amount of weight. The program is easy for anyone to follow Jeff lays out the whole workout and meal plan for you. All you need is the drive. Thanks JEFF!