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Esteban Robles Esteban Robles
Esteban Robles – Becomes This Teen’s Go-To Workout ProgramΔ
Esteban Robles: 19 Chicago, Illinois
Just wanted to say thanks to Jeff for helping me get into the best shape of my life. The ATHLEAN-X training program is great and so simple to follow. Jeff lays everything out for you and it's easy to follow through. The workouts change day to day so keeps the body guessing and making gains.
The supplements are a great add on as well to the program they are great tasting and I have seen great results. Thanks again Jeff.  
Dave Miller Dave Miller
Dave Miller – P90x vs. ATHLEAN-X (Used Them Both!)Δ
Dave Miller: 36 Bethlehem , Pennsylvania
I tried other programs and was not happy. Why would you want a program where you have to dedicate 90 minutes or working or a program where you do the same thing day after day, where it was so intense actually hurt my knee and had to stop training for about 6 weeks. I then looked around for something that was safe and time effective, well I found that in ATHLEAN-X.
The workouts were new everyday and quick. I wish I had found ATHLEAN-X earlier but you have a life long customer in me and can't wait to get through the other programs. THANKS.  
Chris Libutti Chris Libutti
Chris Libutti – Regains ATHLETIC PHYSIQUE with A-X (Didn’t with P90X)Δ
Chris Libutti : 38 Lake Forest, California
Thanks Jeff for are all hardwork that you put into ATHLEAN-X. In my before picture that was after one round of insanity and one round of p90x. My after picture was after going through the ATHLEAN-X training program. You can see a major difference. What I really liked about ATHLEAN-X was the movements and exercises were geared toward everyday movements especially if you do anything athletic or play a sport.
I only look forward to what else ATHLEAN-X has to offer.  
Cameron Jameson Cameron Jameson
Cameron Jameson – Full Time Student Gets a CHISELED Chest and Abs!Δ
Cameron Jameson : 20 Hayward, California
I love the program and the ease of being able to do it anywhere. I do it from my room with a few pieces of equipment. The challenges in the program are great because it helps you see where you are at with the program and to be able to push yourself harder. Unlike other programs that are boring and same old thing, ATHLEAN-X workouts change everyday so keeps you looking forward to the next day.
I was able to get some great workouts in a short amount of time that were very high intensity. Thanks Jeff.  
Cameron Borelli
Cameron Borelli – Baseball Player Gets STRONGER and FASTERΔ
Cameron Borelli : 18 Peabody , Massachusetts
This program that Jeff created made me more functional on and off the baseball field. My arm strength felt stronger and my hitting strength increased dramatically and also making my speed on the base paths increase. I weighed at the beginning of the year 160lbs and now I weigh 190lbs around 10% body fat.
Jeff had challenged me from day 1 up until day 90. The different unique exercises made me more functional on my feet and challenged me on every workout. His ab workouts were unique and helpful for my ability to get 6 pack abs. Thank-you Jeff and TEAM ATHLEAN for challenging my body to whole new levels and keep challenging me throughout the years to come.  

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Caden Wolf
Caden Wolf – Surprises in Every Workout!Δ
Caden Wolf: 20 Greenville , Illinois
What I love most about ATHLEAN-X  is the vast variety of the workouts. In the 12 weeks each week was a different workout and totally different training technique. With Jeff's knowledge you are getting great workouts with exercises that are brand new to me and flow together so good.
Keep up the good work Jeff!  
Bassam Hamade
Bassam Hamade – Goes from 3 push-ups to 50 with ATHLEAN-X!!Δ
Bassam Hamade : 51 Beirut, Lebanon
Your program WORKS. I am over 50,and even though I have 3 marathon under my belt ( and finished them), I could not do 5 straight push ups, now I can do a set of 50. I went through AX1 twice,( out of my home using your replacements) it helped my running performance. The last 400 challenge I finished in 12 minutes down 28 minutes from the 40 minute mark I hit the first time.
I am sure I will be going through AX2 soon and can not wait to see what is in store for me. Thank you and all the best.  
Justin Schiller – He’s Never Seen Results Like These!Δ
Justin Schiller: 20 Spring, Texas
Hey TEAM ATHLEAN love your program and love my results. First program I have used where I was able to achieve LONG TERM results. I not only look better, but I feel stronger, fitter and healthier.  The step by step videos everyday are great if you are unsure of something in the program.
Getting emails from Jeff every week and weekly YouTube videos are a huge help as well. Keep up the good work guys there is nothing that needs to change with this program. I would recommend it to anyone.  
Jeff Jeff
Jeff Fitzpatrick – AX Programs are the REAL DEAL!!Δ
Jeff: 17 Canton, Ma
ATHLEAN-X programs are the real deal. After doing Total Beast and Monster Maker, my results where so dramatic I was unrecognizable. Core4 Abs helped me get the chiseled and functional core I wanted also. Without ATHLEAN-X programs I would have never come this far in my fitness journey
Sgt. Doug Loveless Sgt. Doug Loveless
Sgt. Doug LovelessΔ
Sgt. Doug Loveless : 29 Dupont, Washington
Your program has also given me results unmatched to anything else I ever attempted. I look forward to every workout week in and week out. As a soldier we need to be fit at all times and ready to fight.  I am currently working towards earning my Bachelor’s degree in Sports and Health Sciences with a concentration on Exercise Science. Your program changed my eating habits, physical readiness, and my life. Thanks again for creating such an amazing program. Nothing worth having comes easy.