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Justin Bender
Justin Bender – State Trooper Loses BIG with ATHLEAN-X…Gains the Attention of His Wife!Δ
Justin Bender: 26 Three Lakes, Wisconsin
In November 2009 I had a reality check. As a State Trooper, I know that my job requires me to be at my best, not only for my own safety but for the safety of others... and I clearly was not. I decided enough was enough and I needed to try and get back into my "college shape".
I found myself looking at Jeff's videos on Youtube and he seemed to just "get it" more than anyone else on there. From following his free workouts and nutrition suggestions alone I was able to drop a significant amount of weight inches from my waist and felt a lot stronger and then I ever I decided to buy the program. As you can see from my photos, I'm a different guy now! Actually, BETTER than my college days! I absolutely loved the program and talk about it to everybody because everyone comments on how good I look now. Thanks Jeff!!! Proud to be on TEAM ATHLEAN!! PS. My wife wanted to say thanks to Jeff too for my short workouts now and of course the awesome benefits it has given me.  
Joe Carr
Joe Carr – Preps for Tough Mudder and TORCHES Body FatΔ
Joe Carr: 50 Grand Junction, Colorado
Loved the program was very pleased with my results. Being a runner I thought I would be able to shed some pounds off that I was looking for but I wasn't able to do that till I found ATHLEAN-X. It gotten me in great shape for the tough mudder and helped me do better in it then I had in the past, looking forward to continuing my training with ATHLEAN-X.
I plan to continue on with ATHLEAN-X because it is something that works no doubt about that. Thanks Jeff for all the good stuff.  
Jeremy Abraham
Jeremy Abraham – Kicks his butt…and he LOVES IT!Δ
Jeremy Abraham : 30 Medina, Ohio
Thanks for the great program Jeff. I love how it changes every workout and they are quick 20-30 minutes and your done but with a lot of sweat and tears. There is a challenge at the end of every week or month so you know how you are progressing and stacking up. Just a great program and has science behind it so everything your saying you can back up.
Thanks again Jeff.  
David Waite
David Waite – Impresses Entire Family With His Gains (AND LOSSES!)Δ
David Waite: 23 Morton Grove, Illinois
Thanks for your program Jeff. It has helped me get down to 7% BF and stay in great shape. I tried p90x and that was terrible, it was really boring doing the same routine for 90 days. I then came across ATHLEAN-X and can say it's the best program on the market. I lost close to 20 pounds.
I stuck to the meal plans very well and love Jeff's RX supplements.  I run tough mudders and spartan races and without ATHLEAN-X I wouldn't be able to do as well as I have been.  
Dave Gonzalez Dave Gonzalez
Dave Gonzalez – Overweight Truck Driver Now on the Road To Fitness!Δ
Dave Gonzalez : 45 Schertz, Texas
What I loved about the ATHLEAN-X program was a I was never a really athletic person before but when I started training with ATHLEAN-X that all changed. My body made significant improvements. I loved the ease of the program how easy it was to follow the workouts and the meal plan whether you wanted to work out at the gym or at home you just do it.
I really would like to shake your hand Jeff and say thank you for everything you did.    
Bobby Moldovan
Bobby Moldovan – Hardgainer Gains 15 lb. of PURE MUSCLE!!Δ
Bobby Moldovan : 23 Fort Wayne , Indiana
I absolutely love the ATHLEAN-X training program. I saw the videos and loved the difficulty of it. I was a college cross country and track runner, so I was in pretty good shape but it was always difficult for me to put on muscle. Well that all stopped once I found ATHLEAN-X. I went through AX-1 and put on about 15 pounds of muscle and was amazed.
I have gone through AX-2 and the TNT workouts and couldn't wait to start NXT. I will use the ATHLEAN-X training program for the rest of my life.  
Drew Feltes Drew Feltes
Drew FeltesΔ
Drew Feltes : 22 Geneva, Illinois
Jeff thanks for the great program. The lower body workouts are amazing. They usually are skipped or not given full attention but not in ATHLEAN-X. I dislocated my left shoulder 11 weeks ago. I vowed to come back stronger, and ATHLEAN-X has helped me do exactly that. Just another reason I've been on TEAM ATHLEAN for over 3 years.  
David Hudson David Hudson
David Hudson – Joint Mobility (AND ABS) Greatly Improved!Δ
David Hudson : 25 Gorham , Maine
Love the program Jeff. Even though I wasn't 100% when I started it still loved it. Learned a lot from the program and loved how the workouts were short but intense. You will really learn that you can work out hard or work out long, with the short rests in between sets. Everyday was different so that was huge because you get bored doing the same workouts over and over again.
It's awesome you are able to go onto YouTube as well and swap out a burst workout if you don't have the equipment or can't do that one for that day.  
Doug Wilson Doug Wilson
Doug Wilson – 61 Year Old Proves You Can Build Muscle at ANY Age!!Δ
Doug Wilson: 63 California
Have been following the program for a couple months now and love it. Jeff is a very inspiring and motivating coach, with the look that we are all looking for so he has the product to back it up. I am noticing a improvement in my stamina and strength, the challenges push me every time one comes up.
I think at first that I have no chance at my age to make it through, but I push myself and surprised each time how well I do. I look forward to see what is next everyday in the program. Keep up the good work Jeff.  
Dino Fernandez Dino Fernandez
Dino Fernandez – Finishes AX-1 and Wants More!!Δ
Dino Fernandez : 51 Whittier, California
I have been through AX-1 3 times and have seen better and better results each time. Being a little bit older the challenge was tough for me at first but I put the work in and was able to exceed my time in the last round through. I look forward to going on to your other programs.
Keep up the good work!