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Joaquim Resende
Joaquim Resende – Everyone at the Gym Wants To Know the “Secret” To His New 6 Pack AbsΔ
Joaquim Resende : 20 Rio De Janeiro , Brazil
The AthLEAN-X Training System allowed me to see results extremely fast. I think the reason was that I was simply training much differently than I had ever trained before. From doing the same old stuff every time I went to the gym, to switching to AthLEAN-X workouts, it was like my muscles had no choice but to respond! In just 90 days I transformed not only my body, but the entire way that I train.
I'd never work out any other way now! Thanks Jeff!  
Jacob Palsgaard Christensen Jacob Palsgaard Christensen
Jacob Palsgaard Christensen – Builds Serious Arms (Gets MORE Ripped!)Δ
Jacob Palsgaard Christensen : 24 Holbaek, Denmark
If you want proof ATHLEAN-X works just follow a few of Jeff's videos on YouTube. He backs everything he has to say with science which is what I love. I went through AX-1 and added some T.N.T. workouts and got amazing gains. I was always a skinny kid but now with ATHLEAN-X  my arms are starting to pop through my shirts.
The six pack promise works great as well, I shredded fat and was able to develop a 6 pack that I never had before.  THANKS TEAM ATHLEAN.  
Haim Azoulay Haim Azoulay
Haim Azoulay – Other Workouts DON’T COMPARE!!Δ
Haim Azoulay : 25 Kibutz Grofit , Israel
ATHLEAN-X is just better then anything out there. I've tried other programs in the past and none of the results come close to ATHLEAN-X. Don't waste your time try ATHLEAN-X and you won't be disappointed. It's a hard challenging program but also very fun at the same time. I look forward to what Jeff has coming in the future.  
Dylan Skidmore Dylan Skidmore
Dylan Skidmore – Best Results He’s Ever Seen!!!Δ
Dylan Skidmore : 30 Arden, North Carolina
Thanks Jeff for an all-around great product. I love the ATHLEAN-X training system. I made great progress training with ATHLEAN-X. I love how easy it is to access the program and get your training for the day. The program changes it up everyday and not the same old things that you are used to doing in your normal workout programs.
The supplements Jeff has are great too they really compliment the program. Thanks TEAM ATHLEAN.  
David Flores
David FloresΔ
David Flores: 23 Tegucigalpa, Honduras
These are my before and after pictures. I have to say that I am completely satisfied with the results of my workouts with ATHLEAN XERO. Now I have a more slim muscular body which was my primary objective when I joined TEAM ATHLEAN. Thanks Jeff Cavaliere. I learned a lot during the program as well as with your YouTube videos.

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Brant Larsen
Brant Larsen – Doctor’s GO TO CHOICE for FitnessΔ
Brant Larsen : 35 Chicago City , Minnesota
I can't recommend ATHLEAN-X enough to people. I have degree in exercise science and I am a doctor so I've been around the physical fitness world. I've only been through in the programs for 3 weeks and I love it already. With the every changing workouts its impossible to get bored and not excited to get your workout for the day in and with the workouts being 20-40 minutes it's great when you have 3 kids and can't be at the gym all day.
Great job Jeff!  
Aaron Akwaboah Aaron Akwaboah
Aaron Akwaboah – Drops 50 POUNDS, Finds His AbsΔ
Aaron Akwaboah: 32 Los Angeles , California
Thanks Jeff love the program. I have lost 50 pounds so far. I love how your program isn't a gimmick, what you say is what you get. A great training program and meal plan to follow with expert advice from a physical trainer. I love doing the program everyday it is something new and constantly changing it up.
To anyone who has any reservations about purchasing ATHLEAN-X don't because IT WORKS. It has help me change my life. Thanks Jeff for everything and keep up the good work.  
Zachary Yoiwaima
Zachary Yoiwaima – Dropping 25 lbs of Fat Leaves Him RIPPEDΔ
Zachary Yoiwaima : 21 Tempe , Arizona
Thanks Jeff and TEAM ATHLEAN for a great program. What I love about the program is that you can get a intense workout in a short period of time and the workouts are new and creative each day. ATHLEAN-X is not a just a program that shows you how to get in shape, it TEACHES you how to get in better shape and eat healthier.
It has taught me how to train my body the right way. ATHLEAN-X helped me lose 20 pounds and get strong and lean and more energetic then I ever was before. Thanks Jeff and TEAM ATHLEAN.  
Matt Sauer
Matt Sauer – Life Changing Experience (BEST Shape of His Life!)Δ
Matt Sauer : 41 Eagle , Colorado
I have completed AX-1 and I am currently in the middle of AX-2 and have attached my before and after pictures. I found you and your program while searching Jose Reyes on YouTube (I played college baseball before getting hurt and being a shortstop he was a big influence for me) and after looking more into the program I bought it and the supplements and my money has never been this well spent as fitness has always been a passion of mine.
Preston Naegeli – COLLEGE ATHLETE’s choice to get to the NEXT LEVELΔ
Preston Naegeli: 28 Phoenix, Arizona
Thanks guys for a great program. I have only been training with ATHLEAN-X for 3-4 weeks and it's been awesome so far. I was a college baseball pitcher so our training stressed a lot of safety just like ATHLEAN-X. That might be the only comparison though, ATHLEAN-X is helping me get into the best shape of my life and that is saying a lot.
I used to workout for just the results and now I love to workout and the results come with it. Thanks again for a great program I recommend it to all my friends.