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Adel Hussein Adel Hussein
Adel Hussein – Shows Why Bulking and Cutting Doesn’t Work!Δ
Adel Hussein : 28 Alexandria , Egypt
I have always been told that I have to build muscle then cut or vice versa. But when ATHLEAN-X came out it made me believe and showed me both can be done at the SAME TIME! I was amazed with the results I got from AX-1. I tried AX-2 and the results were even better. I was looking better then I ever have and feeling more like a athlete like I wanted to.
Jeff is the REAL DEAL! Stay away from other crap that is out there, if you want the real results from a real trainer come join me on TEAM ATHLEAN. I recommend ATHLEAN-X to all my friends.  
Asim Kaleem Asim Kaleem
Asim Kaleem – Slashes body fat and gets SIX PACK ABSΔ
Asim Kaleem : 32 Torrance, California
I stumbled upon one of your videos on YouTube and what caught my eye was your passion for fitness. I decided that I wanted to change my life and invested in the ATHLEAN-X training program. I went from being 32% body fat down to 10%. I trained like an athlete because I wanted to look like an athlete.
I can say that ATHLEAN-X was one of the best investments I made. The program is great and can not say enough good things about the program. You stay strong too Jeff! ]
Tavor Ben Zeev – Completely CHANGES His View on FitnessΔ
Tavor Ben Zeev: 21 Herzlia, Israel
Jeff I wanted to tell you that you have changed my view on fitness so much. I am a tennis player and coach, and I can say that you are the best coach I have ever had. Even though I have never met you and only see you through my phone or on the computer you get a sense how professional you are and how much you care about us and it shows in every video you do.
I know that every exercise we do or workout we do has a purpose and a goal in mind and you explain that to us as well so we know why we are doing it. I really want to say thank you Jeff!  
Jacob Jacob
Jacob Pittman – Programs Deliver RESULTS!!Δ
Jacob: 20 Hartselle, Al
Jeff’s programs are top notch. The only experience I had lifting before ATHLEAN-X was with my high school baseball team and my neighbor who played in the MLB. The ATHLEAN-X programs stress the same importance of safety, form, and hard work as what I was previously accustomed to.
The only difference is the ATHLEAN-X programs do this in more of a muscle building focus. I honestly do not think there is a better program out there.
Kevin Brophy
Kevin BrophyΔ
Kevin Brophy : 40 Summerville, South Carolina
I started following ATHLEAN-X through Jeff's YouTube videos before buying the program. I can't be happier with the results and I am going to start round 2 next week. I started out at 197 pounds and currently 179 pounds with much less body fat and a lot of lean muscle to show for the hard work.
It was well worth the money, I have friends that have paid thousands of dollars for personal trainers and didn't get the results that I received for 97 dollars. Thank you ATHLEAN-X for changing my life and motivating me quickly by seeing the results.  
Koji Ghafoor
Koji GhafoorΔ
Koji Ghafoor: 30 Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
I would like to extend a very big thanks all the way from United Kingdom to you. I am 29 years old and have bean training on and off for 8 years. I got good results before Athlean X, but there was always something wrong with the way I looked I felt. I was to big and had no definition or very fit but to skinny and still that lack of definition in the tummy area.
Explosive training strength training and perfect nutrition is what you taught me in a very short amount of time. Now when I open the door to people who have not seen me in a few months, they do a double take. When I train like this in this gym of mine people ask how and what training is that. Its very gratifying to no that I can pound my younger self which I thought would never be possible. Thanks again Jeff keep up the great work.  
Jason Purvis
Jason PurvisΔ
Jason Purvis : 36 Queen Creek , Arizona
I began ATHLEAN-X during a time of huge transition in my life. I was in the midst of moving from GA to AZ, buying a new home, and taking ownership of a $2 million restaurant business. Not to mention being a husband to my wife and a father to my 3 children ages 6, 4, and 1. Due to my new business venture, I had to spend 6 weeks out of state, living out of a hotel, limited control of my schedule and limited control of my food options.
I worked out at the small hotel gym, at home, in my hotel room, and occasionally at a friends apartment gym during my first run through the program. Why all the details? Had I tried to begin any other program during this stage of my life, I would have never been able to meet the time demands necessary or would have overtrained. ATHLEAN-X can be accomplished under the most difficult circumstances and environments. I never missed a workout. My strength and energy grew by leaps and bounds. I have people comment on my body change. Anyways, I am so glad I came across this program and Jeff. It has been tremendous and changed my life. An added bonus is that it has inspired my wife to workout as well. Thank you so much.  
Adam Jarvis Adam Jarvis
Adam Jarvis – Admitted ‘Party Animal’ Still Gets His 6 Pack… Abs, That Is!Δ
Adam Jarvis : 38 Trumbull, Connecticut
I decided to give the ATHLEAN-X Training System a try. Man... am I glad I did! Not only has it given me 6 pack abs for the first time in my life, but I was able to do this while still going out and having fun with the boys! Finally... a REAL program that lets you be a regular guy but makes you look anything but regular! After losing lots of ugly body fat and weight, all while continuing to build new muscle, I certainly am a believer! Thanks Jeff... awesome stuff man!  
Ofir Lidor
Ofir Lidor – Hardgainer MORPHS with Unique Workouts!Δ
Ofir Lidor: 23 Tel Aviv, Israel
Thank you Jeff for a great program. There is nothing like the ATHLEAN-X training program out there. You can get a great workout in under 45 minutes at home or in the gym with little equipment. The best part about the workout is that each day is different there at no 2 days the same in the ATHLEAN-X program.
I felt myself getting stronger and growing muscle every day. Please keep up the good work guys and thanks again.  
Jorge Pacheco
Jorge PachecoΔ
Jorge Pacheco : 54 Miami , Florida
ATHLEAN-x has been great for me.  I have used P90, Insanity, and other programs. All good, but always had its shortcomings in one way or another. ATHLEAN-X is just right. Will be moving to AX2 next can't wait. Keep up the good work Jeff!