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Alexandru Ungureanu Alexandru Ungureanu
Alexandru Ungureanu – Professional Swimmer Increases STRENGTH and MOBILITYΔ
Alexandru Ungureanu: 23 Bucharest, Romania
Hello TEAM ATHLEAN!! I am Alex, from Romania. I am a professional swimmer. Like I said in the video, ATHLEAN-X is a great program. It always keeps me surprised, with new workouts every month. It's never boring, like most bodybuilding programs which is repeating the same thing over and over again.
The meal plan is easy to follow for someone who is always on the run. All of the information Jeff gives us is very helpful. I'm happy to be a part of TEAM ATHLEAN.  
Nathan Eswine Nathan Eswine
Nathan Eswine – Taking Fitness to a Whole New Level Gets Him SHREDDED!!Δ
Nathan Eswine: 18 Webster Groves, Missouri
My friend and I are 18 years old and have been following your programs since AX-1, and truly respect your knowledge, creativity and craft with fitness. We've been taking your RX supplements like it's our religion. And I can honestly say they are without a doubt the best supplements on this earth.
We've tried everything on the shelf, and nothing compares to the purity and power inside each of those three little black tubs.  
Anthony Fedele Anthony Fedele
Anthony Fedele – PREPARES him to run a MARATHONΔ
Anthony Fedele: 38 Dalton, Pennsylvania
Jeff thanks for a great program. I've done multiple rounds of p-90x and insanity but they could not keep me interested. ATHLEAN-X though is not built that way, with short workouts and changing everyday. ATHLEAN-X has helped me train for marathons and triathlons that I compete in.
Keeps everything fresh and makes you look forward to whats next. I love the other programs you have as well like T.N.T. and the weekly videos you put to YouTube to help us. Thanks for everything ATHLEAN-X.  
Jens Kemper Jens Kemper
Jens Kemper – Eats “More Than Ever” With The X-Factor Meal Plans… and Still Gets Ripped!Δ
Jens Kemper: 24 Ahaus, Denmark
I played sports my whole life, but didn't really have the body of an athlete. I had bad eating habits and ate a lot of fast food, sweets and other bad things! One day I decided to turn things in another direction! I found The ATHLEAN-X Program on the internet and I decided to give it a try. Why not? I had been jumping around from one exercise program to another up to that point, with none of them giving me the results I was looking for, so I figured what would one more do.
I gave up on sweets, fast food and all the other bad things and really dieted the first time in my life! Why? Because the ATHLEAN-X meal plans made it so simple to do, and I never felt like I dieted AT ALL! I probably ate more than ever before actually. Since I started I have lost the rolls of body fat that were hiding my six pack abs, and the best thing... while I was losing body fat I was adding muscle to my frame (especially my biceps and chest)! Simply amazing. Thanks Jeff and ATHLEAN-X!!  
Gerald Gerald
Gerald UnderwoodΔ
Gerald: 34 Macomb, Mi
I began my fitness journey on the AX-1 program a month before the COVID lockdown began. I was an avid runner and put in 3-5 miles a day before that, with no actual strength training in my routine. After a couple of lower back strains and some physical therapy, my PT recommended I shift toward a more strength focused regimen.
At a year into my ATHLEAN-X transformation, I am ecstatic with the results. I’m in the middle of the Inferno Shred program now and I can’t wait to start Max Size!
Jean Francois Morissette
Jean Francois Morissette
Granby, Quebec
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Isaiah Jackson
Isaiah Jackson
Whiting, Indiana
Results may not be typical, Individual results may vary.*
Timothy Arnold
Timothy Arnold
Green Cover Springs, Florida
Results may not be typical, Individual results may vary.*
Ted Calma Ted Calma
Ted Calma – Completely Resculpts His Chest (Gets JACKED!)Δ
Ted Calma: 30 Raleigh, North Carolina
I've been training with ATHLEAN-X for almost 3 years now. I've gone through all the programs and continue to see results after each one. I love how Jeff changes it up with every program. I highly recommend ATHLEAN-X to anyone who wants to change their body and only workout 20-40 minutes and can do it in their own home.
Jeff makes it so easy for us. THANK YOU JEFF.  
James Rabbani James Rabbani
James RabbaniΔ
James Rabbani: 28 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
After an injury i decided to get fit. But where to start...a friend suggested ATHLEAN-X after several trying several programs that didn't work and general fitness unmotivated sessions. I was a little skeptical to say the least but this program has transformed my body self esteem and I couldn't believe this happened in under 40 minutes per day. I now not only use this program but love using the weekly YouTube videos from Jeff to keep mixing it up! I particularly like the 100m of death with alligator crawls, bear crawls, sumo squats, plank crawl and skier hops! All i want to say is thank you TEAM ATHLEAN.
Mike Dennis Mike Dennis
Mike Dennis – No GIMMICKS, No FADS!Δ
Mike Dennis: 40 Littleton , Colorado
How many times have we heard the old saying-“Nothing changes IF nothing changes!” True statement! I was for years “That guy” –the guy who tried every fad diet-gimmick supplement pills with false promises on the labels-and countless hours with many different fitness trainers that got me NO WHERE…and besides the wasted time-and MONEY-that’s what happened to me- “NOTHING CHANGED”!!! I came to Athlean-X simply by looking for a good back exercise routine on google one day-and the first video I saw was Athlean-X.
I decided at that point I was going to commit to one thing AND ONE THING ONLY-Athlean-X The Athlean-X program completely changed the way I viewed my training-nutrition-and routines irreparably! No longer was I distracted with what other guys were doing to achieve their personal goals-I had something that was mine and it WORKS!!! The videos-Express tips-and Jeff’s vast knowledge of the elite athletic programs is what I use as the basis for all my training-and most importantly-how I changed my nutrition and eating habits (No more will I use the term diet!). I am veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan-and one of the most important qualities I got from my military career was Discipline-This has helped to stay the course from the Athlean-X program-and after nearly 6 months of hard work and Jeff’s coaching(Via my laptop screen!), I have decreased my body fat by nearly 10 percent! I am crushing my workouts in the gym-and have incorporated a no nonsense application to my Burst training sessions and it is the MOST effective approach to losing the BODY FAT and increasing the LEAN MUSCLE-also I am committed to the Athlean RX supplements-so no more will I even step into a Vitamin Shoppe or GNC and waste money on products that I know nothing about! Jeff you have given me the insight on how to train like and LOOK like an Athlete at huge discounted cost!!! Guys – this is the REAL DEAL and it works! I have transformed from just an average guy in the gym-to the guy who gets IT DONE RIGHT and is looking more like an athlete every day. I stay humble-remain teachable-work hard-and am COMMITTED to what works for me-TEAM ATHLEAN!!!! Jeff I want to personally Thank you (as does my wife!) for what you have brought to guys like me!!!!!  
Alaeddine Rafei Alaeddine Rafei
Alaeddine Rafei – Achieves AMAZING ResultsΔ
Alaeddine Rafei: 24 Mohammedia, Morocco
I've been following ATHLEAN-X for a year now. I've gone through AX-1 and AX-2 twice. I've got amazing results. It's really been a whole new lifestyle for me, I had never went to a gym before or thought I would ever go to one. It's awesome and Jeff really did a great job with this program.
I would like to thank Jeff not only for the program but for looking out for us as well. Your like a big brother! Hello to all the other TEAM ATHLEAN members out there keep up the hard work.  
Frederik Homaa Frederik Homaa
Frederik Homaa – Girlfriend Seeing Benefits of His Hard Work!Δ
Frederik Homaa: 24 Aarhus, Denmark
Thank you Jeff for an amazing program. It has helped me make a huge changes to my lifestyle. The workouts are short and intense. The 6 Pack Promise has helped so much change up my ab routine. The meal plan is very easy to follow and prepare, my girlfriend even likes it.