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Brian Riley Brian Riley
Brian Riley – Helps Recover INJURIES From OTHER Programs!Δ
Brian Riley: 53 Wakefield, Massachusetts
I am currently using ATHLEAN-X for men. I am a 53 year old male and found Jeff on the internet while I was trying to recover from an injury I got doing the P90X. I have worked out with a few popular programs P90X, Insanity, and Darin Steens Fat loss life style. ATHLEAN-X blows them away.
Not only did Jeff get me pain free but he made me the most functionally fit I have been my whole life. I am doing the NXT right now and looking forward to the Jeff's summer prep.  
Rayshad Withrow Rayshad Withrow
Rayshad Withrow – Gets Absolutely Jacked!! (BEASTMODE)Δ
Rayshad Withrow: 22 Louisville, Kentucky
I was overweight and out of shape when I first started the ATHLEAN-X training program. I couldn't make it through the bust training days, but I stayed consistent and followed the plan Jeff laid out for us with the workouts and the meal plan. Eventually week after week following the program to a t I got better results and started seeing great changes in my body.
Seeing the results made me work harder and ATHLEAN-X has become a addiction and helped me change my life. Everything is laid out for you there is no guessing involved. Thanks guys!  
Sean Hyson
Sean Hyson – Men’s Fitness Magazine Editor Points Guys Seeking “Athletic Muscle” To ATHLEAN-X!Δ
Sean Hyson: 28 Brooklyn , New York
Jeff Cavaliere has been a great asset to the work I do at Men's Fitness. His ATHLEAN-X system is perfect for guys who want to look and move like athletes. Now they can really make it happen!  
Matthew Rosenberger Matthew Rosenberger
Matt Rosenberger – Underwear Model Gets “Cover Ready” Abs… and Keeps Them Year Round!Δ
Matthew Rosenberger: 28 Brooklyn, New York
The key to my success is staying ripped all year round so about a year ago I did a search on YouTube for ab workouts initially and that’s when I came across “Washboard Wednesday”. Before this, I really didn’t have variety in the ab routine I was on at the time. I knew I needed to take it up a notch and try something new and when I watched some of the videos; I noticed right away that the way Jeff’s physique was exactly the look I needed in order to book jobs.
After trying the “Washboard Wednesday” ab routine in 12 weeks or less I immediately noticed an extreme difference in abdominal definition that I accomplished. At that point I did what anyone else in my shoes would have done; I went ahead and bought the entire program at a reasonable cost. Now everyone at the gym asks me where I get all my exercises from and that motivates me even more to keep following the ATHLEAN-X system and nutrition advice. My self esteem has improved and I never have to worry about what I will be doing next in the gym, not to mention the pay increase. The money spent on the ATHLEAN-X program was definitely well returned.  
Todor Jelev Todor Jelev
Tony Jelev – The “Real Deal” Gets Him JACKED and SHREDDED!Δ
Todor Jelev: 39 Las Vegas, Nevada
I have been through AX-1 and AX-2 and would like to give my honest opinion. Both programs are equally good and equally different. No matter which one you choose you will not be disappointed. These are not your average programs with tips from some guy pretending to be an online coach.
Jeff is the real deal and I'm grateful to have him as my coach and train with ATHLEAN-X.  
Joe Drew
Joe Drew
Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey
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James Basner
James Basner
Battle Creek , Michigan
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Rich Van Bourgondien
Rich Van Bourgondien
Springfield, Ohio
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Rob Tyre Rob Tyre
Rob Tyre – “Hardgainers” Only Exist When You’re Using The WRONG Program!Δ
Rob Tyre: 21 Cherry Hills, Colorado
Growing up I was the smaller, skinny kid. It took till about the age of 19 till I got serious about my fitness. Stuck out in the middle of Iraq serving our country, I stumbled across ATHLEAN-X online. The product gave me the nutrition program, and workout regime I needed to begin not only transforming my body, but also my mind and way of life!! This program made me push myself to limits I didn't think were possible and now when I look at myself in the mirror and see where I was and where I am now, I've never looked back.
Che Bureiku Che Bureiku
Che BureikuΔ
Che Bureiku: 24 Marietta, Georgia
This is all I have to say about ATHLEAN X is, I used to watch all the youtube videos and I followed Jeff's advise and it was working out. And I saw that he had supplements on his website and I said, I'll go and check out some of his supplements and I go - HOLY CRAP - THIS STUFF WORKS.
So once I started doing my own thing on his supplements - I took that leap of faith to see what the programs are like. I got ATHLEAN XERO - Man OH Man, This guys the real deal. I thought this was something I was just going to coast through but it was actually, surprisingly really tough. He does say on his channel a lot, that if you want to look like an Athlete, you've got to train like one. And he has you training fairly hard. I got his AX1 training camp as well and that was really cool. This guy is NO PHONY - all of it is pretty legit and he gives out pretty great advise. Thanks for all you did Jeff. Thanks for everything you do - I really appreciate it.
Oystein Engo Oystein Engo
Oystein Engo – Saves TONS of Money (Avoids Pricey Equipment and Gym Memberships)Δ
Oystein Engo: 28 Oslo, Norway
Thanks for the great program Jeff. I've been training with ATHLEAN-X for over 2 years now. I would recommend it to anyone, it will keep you motivated with all the challenges and new exercises everyday. With the ATHLEAN-X training program I am able to train at home with minimal equipment and get my workout in a short period of time.
I am able to save money by not having to pay for a gym membership or a lot of equipment so I like that a lot. The workouts change everyday so it's never boring. Keep up the good work TEAM ATHLEAN.  
Leandro Estevam Leandro Estevam
Leandro EstevamΔ
Leandro Estevam: 36 Catanduva, Brazil
I love the way the ATHLEAN-X Program was created and developed using science as the basis for what we do. It' definitely better than any of the other programs I tried before and that includes both P90X and Insanity. The diverse combination of exercises each week makes me always feel excited to continue. The core workouts are simply awesome and really work! I never had a six pack as sharp as this in my life and I attribute that all to unique ways you had us train our core.
Even on days we weren't directly working abs, I could still feel them working! ATHLEAN-X has helped me to completely change the way I workout and the way I eat. I'm hooked! Thank you to the entire ATHLEAN-X staff for all you do. You've changed my life!  
Edgar P Edgar P
Edgar PalominosΔ
Edgar P: 19 Mountain View , California
After gaining a bad 70 lbs over a 2 year span in high school, and went from a size 29 waist to 34, it was hard for me because I was always the athletic type of guy who plays soccer. At the age of 19 I decided to try to get back in shape and turned to the program INSANITY which was okay for the first week or so because I couldn’t force myself to stay on the program longer, it was too hard for my body to handle at that time. I was online when I came across ATHLEAN-X, I was interested, saw some YouTube videos and liked what I saw.
After purchasing the AX-1 program I was hooked after the 1st workout. I saw a great change in my weight as I went from 195 lbs to 148. After completing the AX-1 I purchased the AX-2 and I can say I’m in the best shape I’ve been in a long time! I love this program and have recommended it to many people who are thinking of turning to INSANITY or P90X. A life changer!!