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Sandeep Thind
Sandeep Thind – AWESOME Results (YOU HAVE GOT TO CHECK THIS OUT!!)✝✝
Sandeep Thind : 30 London, Great Britain
I love the fact that the workouts are “structured and organized,” that everything is straight forward and easy to use, giving step-by-step instructions to make sure that workouts are done properly and effectively. The meal plan is great, with a variety of different food options made available, there is never an opportunity to get tired of what to eat.
Thanks for a great program Jeff.  
Spac Lingwood Spac Lingwood
Spac Lingwood – Professional Drummer ROCKS His Way to A Sick Body!✝✝
Spac Lingwood: 28 Johannesburg, South Africa
I love the ATHLEAN-X program. It's great for me because I have limited time to train and it gives me a great workout and I can still get the results I'm looking for. The workouts change daily as well as the meal plan so your body is always getting something new. This is the complete package here, thanks JEFF!  
Spyros Pandis Spyros Pandis
Spyros Pandis – Will NEVER Use Another Program Again✝✝
Spyros Pandis: 22 London, England
ATHLEAN-X is the best training program I have ever been through and I will never have to try another. The program gives you everything and I love how there are constant challenges to measure yourself and see how you are doing. My whole body as made great gains. I can't want to workout everyday with the workouts changing daily and always something new from Jeff that we haven't seen before.
Keep up the great work TEAM ATHLEAN.  
Tavor Ben Zeev – Completely CHANGES His View on Fitness✝✝
Tavor Ben Zeev: 21 Herzlia, Israel
Jeff I wanted to tell you that you have changed my view on fitness so much. I am a tennis player and coach, and I can say that you are the best coach I have ever had. Even though I have never met you and only see you through my phone or on the computer you get a sense how professional you are and how much you care about us and it shows in every video you do.
I know that every exercise we do or workout we do has a purpose and a goal in mind and you explain that to us as well so we know why we are doing it. I really want to say thank you Jeff!  
Ted Calma Ted Calma
Ted Calma – Completely Resculpts His Chest (Gets JACKED!)✝✝
Ted Calma: 30 Raleigh, North Carolina
I've been training with ATHLEAN-X for almost 3 years now. I've gone through all the programs and continue to see results after each one. I love how Jeff changes it up with every program. I highly recommend ATHLEAN-X to anyone who wants to change their body and only workout 20-40 minutes and can do it in their own home.
Jeff makes it so easy for us. THANK YOU JEFF.  
Jonathan Cantor
Jonathan Cantor
Springfield , Ohio
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Tyler Starke
Tyler Starke
New Rockford, North Dakota
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John Ho
John Ho
Moscow , Russia
Results may not be typical, Individual results may vary.*
Tim Brevart – Program CHANGES His Life✝✝
Tim Brevart: 25 Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
I wanted to tell you a little bit about my experience with ATHLEAN-X. I was a swimmer all through high and college, but I never had good weight lifting knowledge or direction in the gym. I didn't discover ATHLEAN-X til I was a sophomore in college and that first work out sure hurt but it changed the way I know workout forever.
This program changed my life, it really allowed me to see the value in exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. It also showed me that working out can be fun and always changing and we are always able to evolve and get better. Thanks Jeff for a great program and helping us all out.  
Zac Rosander
Zac Rosander – Dropping Lbs and Taking Names✝✝
Zac Rosander : 22 Los Gatos, California
ATHLEAN-X is a amazing program it helped me go from 23% body fat down to 11%. The workouts are fun and challenging. I loved the functional results I saw from ATHLEAN-X I can run faster and longer and now able to do pullups. In the meal plan you are able to have pizza, chili and trail mix, not many meal plans are you able to have those if you are looking to get ripped.
But it works and I look forward to anything else you come out with in the future Jeff.  
Zacharias Nicolaou
Zacharias Nicolaou – Kills His Gut, Gets RIPPED at the Same Time!!✝✝
Zacharias Nicolaou : 32 Larnaca, Cyprus
Hey guys I'm pretty excited to talk about ATHLEAN-X. It is a great program I love the exercises how they change everyday and never get bored. The challenges give you something to strive to and compete against a certain score. The meal plan is very easy to follow for anyone. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to get in better shape with short intense workouts.
Thanks again Jeff for a great job keep up the good work.  
Mark Turk Mark Turk
Mark Turk – Hardgainer Bulks Up and Gets RIPPED!!!✝✝
Mark Turk: 22 Wollongong, Australia
ATHLEAN X is the best program! I went through the struggle of trying different ways and programs such as p90x, looking to get maximum results and putting on heaps of mass, but nothing beat ATHLEAN-X. Before joining Team Athlean, I was watching Jeff's videos on YouTube and was amazed by his different, yet intense workout videos.
I subscribed and I have to say, Jeff's regular videos helped me a lot. It was from this point that I purchased the ATHLEAN-X program. I have to say that to me, ATHLEAN X is the best system in the world.  
John Lloyd
John Lloyd✝✝
John Lloyd : 45 Pasadena, Texas
I can say without any doubt this was the easiest 12 week program I have ever attempted. And when I say easy, I mean EASY TO STICK WITH, because this program is ANYTHING BUT EASY from a physical demand requirement! I’ve tried several others P90x, body for life, etc, and have NEVER finished them.
They ALL got boring.ATHLEAN-X was never boring. The workout videos that Jeff provided not only showed me how to do the exercises, but got me fired up in the process.