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Jonathan Hawkins Jonathan Hawkins
Jonathan Hawkins – Builds an INSANE Chest (CHISELED Abs)Δ
Jonathan Hawkins: 24 Columbus, Ohio
I have done ATHLEAN-X and really loved it. At this time I follow your principles with my training at my gym that tremendously help me train for amateur natural bodybuilding competitions as a bantamweight.I have also been using the RX supplement stack and think they are some of the best if not the best supplements I have taken! I am 24 years old and won my Junior class (24 and under) here in Ohio at the NOBA natural show and currently training for some shows for next year to continue my success!  
Spac Lingwood Spac Lingwood
Spac Lingwood – Professional Drummer ROCKS His Way to A Sick Body!Δ
Spac Lingwood: 28 Johannesburg, South Africa
I love the ATHLEAN-X program. It's great for me because I have limited time to train and it gives me a great workout and I can still get the results I'm looking for. The workouts change daily as well as the meal plan so your body is always getting something new. This is the complete package here, thanks JEFF!  
Jeremy Cummings Jeremy Cummings
Jeremy CummingsΔ
Jeremy Cummings: 26 Redding, California
I have been working out for about 6 years and started while I was in the army. I've never seen faster results in such a short period of time. I've done Insanity, P90x and crossfit and they don't even come close. I've never felt more in control of every part of my body. I tell everyone I talk to about working out to try this program.  
Jeff Grimaldi Jeff Grimaldi
Jeff Grimaldi – Down 35 lbs and STILL JACKED!Δ
Jeff Grimaldi : 43 Port St. Lucie , Florida
Your ATHLEAN-X program is amazing! After being introduced to ATHLEAN-X by the NY Mets, David Wright and Dave Racaniello, the proof was there about training the ATHLEAN way. As a father of 2 toddlers, ATHLEAN-X gives you a quick yet intense workout needed by those with limited time.
I want to thank you for creating a workout that achieves these results. I am ecstatic with the transformation I achieved. And I look forward to continued success with the ATHLEAN-X program, to get even more ripped and build muscle mass at the same time. Thanks again to you Jeff, for your professional fitness and nutrition support. And as always, I will continue to recommend ATHLEAN-X as the ultimate workout system.  
Eric Trippe Eric Trippe
Eric TrippeΔ
Eric Trippe: 50 Chehalis, Washington
At 50 years old I saw this picture and knew that I didn't want to be that person. Anybody can be "Him" but I choose not just to be "Anybody." Not many will do it but I did. Thanks for AX1 Jeff...Started AX2 this week. The variety of your program is keeping me coming back. See you in three months.  
Andrew Knollman
Andrew Knollman
Amelia , Ohio
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Jason Torres
Jason Torres
Melbourne, Florida
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Kyle Matherson
Kyle Matherson
Mount Sinai, New York
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Barner Jones Barner Jones
Barner JonesΔ
Barner Jones: 34 San Diego, California
In January of 2010 I was 224lbs and was battling shedding the 24 lbs to be my goal weight of 200. I had spent years of hard work and developing my plan alone I decided if I ever wanted to reach my "true goals" I needed help. However, for me, as my travel schedule is very hectic for my job, it is not always easy to have a trainer. I was considering many alternatives however after reviewing programs like P90X, I found ATHLEAN-X. I jumped on the program and shed the last 24 lbs, and ever since have been using Jeff's programs and and challenges in my everyday workout.
I love the program and share it with as many as I possibly can all working toward one goal of becoming the most athletic person I can be!  
Austin Williams Austin Williams
Austin WilliamsΔ
Austin Williams: 17 Saint George, Utah
I'm Austin Williams 17 years old and have always wanted just a little six pack at first but then it turned into more then just that and I realized I always want to live a healthy lifestyle and never be satisfied as in always having goals and that's what ATHLEAN-X has guided me too I felt extremely lost with the whole fitness world and who to believe and who not to, the results speak for themselves. Thanks for everything TEAM ATHLEAN.  
Andrew Kakalia Andrew Kakalia
Andrew Kakalia – Father of Two Finds Time to Get Ripped!Δ
Andrew Kakalia: 28 Kapaa, Hawaii
Hi my name is Andrew Kakalia I'm a 28 years old husband and father of two boys under three and I just finished Jeff's AX-1 training program. Got some amazing results and wanted to thank Jeff for his motivation to get into the best shape of my life. I used to have a lot of sciatic pain so I stopped working out for almost 3 years.
I never thought I would be able to workout again in fear of hurting myself. But after finding Jeff's program and seeing his background in physical therapy I felt a little better and gave the program a shot. This program is amazing and it works perfect for people with kids. No excuses!!!  
Steffen Busch
Steffen Busch – Loses Fat, Gains Weight in PURE MUSCLE!Δ
Steffen Busch : 33 Waldbuettelbrunn, Denmark
I'd like to tell you that the ATHLEAN-X training program is the REAL DEAL. You have 5 short training workouts a week that are under 35 minutes but are super intense. Over the last 12 weeks it has strengthened my core extremely well. I feel more athletic and my body feels healthier then it ever did.
If you are thinking about joining TEAM ATHLEAN, I highly recommend it. You will not be upset, I sure wasn't. Thanks Jeff for a great program.  
Matt Wilkus Matt Wilkus
Matt Wilkus – Hardgainer Changes LifestyleΔ
Matt Wilkus: 21 Waseca, Minnesota
Thanks Jeff for the great program. I will be on TEAM ATHLEAN for life. I love how the program workouts change daily and is never the same thing. The meal plan helped me get on track because before I was eating unhealthy and then trying to make up for it in the gym. Because of my poor diet I was over-training in the gym and wasn't seeing the muscle growth I wanted.
Once I got on AX-1 that all changed. This program is focused on science which is great because everything Jeff teaches us to do there is a proven reason he has us doing it. Thanks guys!