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Al Smith Al Smith
Al SmithΔ
Al Smith : 65 King, North Carolina
I have been a follower since the beginning when I had to print out the exercises. My wife is a member also. A little about me. I'll be 65 in March. I've had 2 heart attacks, one called the "widow maker", a 100% blockage in my left coronary artery. This actually happened while I was working out. The Dr. did say that my condition is what kept me from dying. I can't do all of your exercises but I do what I can. I will do a set of weights, push-ups, etc then walk for 1-2 minutes on the treadmill at about 4 mph just to keep my heart rate up and to keep from being bored.
Enjoy your videos and hope you continue and all is well.    
Andy Chatman
Andy ChatmanΔ
Andy Chatman: 48 Pittsford, New York
The overall transformation is more than I could have imagined. I went from sheathes of fat to structured lean muscle in 6 months (2 Rounds of Athlean-X). I never lost interest in the program, it was as fun and challenging on the final day as it was on the first. The TNT videos are incredibly educational, and those techniques when carried over into the daily program make the program even more effective.
Best of luck for continued success. Thanks for getting me off my butt -- as a 48 year old it was probably the last legitimate chance I'd have of getting back into shape.      
Doug Flamm – Law Enforcement Veteran Ready to Teach His StudentsΔ
Doug Flamm: 51 New Richmond, Ohio
I'm a 20 year law enforcement veteran. I've completed AX-1 and AX-2 twice. I really love the programs. I will be retiring soon and be teaching students. I will be implementing what Jeff has taught me in the ATHLEAN-X program. I will use his meal plan and his training principles to help my students to perform defensive tactics and physical training.
Thank you Jeff for a great program and all the hard work you do.  
Brandon Cueva – From SLOWEST to FASTEST player on the FIELDΔ
Brandon Cueva: 20 Fayetteville , Arkansas
I play baseball and I wanted to get stronger and faster. So I found the ATHLEAN-X training system and I gave it a shot. It has helped a lot. My own mom didn't even recognize me on the baseball field. Not just her but coaches have told me as well they have seen a big increase in speed and strength.
I've made great improvements already and I have only been training for a month. I look forward to the rest of the program and whatever else COACH JEFF has to offer.  
Will Hamele
Will Hamele – A+ Review (Doesn’t Compare to Any Other Program!)Δ
Will Hamele : 35 Pikesville , Maryland
Thanks Jeff for a great program and a no nonsense approach.  I love that I can get a intense workout on my lunch break in less then 40 minutes. I know also that each day we will be training different and eating different so I like how it really switches it up. You did a great job laying out the program for us, it is very easy to follow as well.
This program really kept me excited through the whole 90 days. The challenges are great also because you can see where you stand against Jeff and others going through the same program as you.  
Baker Bayat
Baker Bayat
Ontario, Canada
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Robert Bowles
Robert Bowles – 56 Year Old Best Shape Ever (Training at Home!)Δ
Robert Bowles: 58 Millersburg, Ohio
I'm 56 years old and I love the ATHLEAN-X training program. Jeff Cavaliere is a awesome trainer. I am in better shape now at 56 then I was at 40. You do not need a big gym to complete the training with ATHLEAN-X. You can do it right in your own home like I do with a few pieces of equipment.
If you want a great program that will get your in better shape and stronger if your over 50 like me then I highly recommend this one.  
Herminigildo Rafol
Herminigildo Rafol – Hardgainer Packs on 35 LBS OF SOLID MUSCLE!!Δ
Herminigildo Rafol : 26 Kailua Kona, Hawaii
In this ATHLEAN-X review, Herminigildo says "Aloha!" all the way from Hawaii to explain to you his experience with the AX program. In the course of a year, he was able to completely change his life; he weighed 120 lbs and has now packed on 35 lbs of muscle to bring him all the way up to 155! Being a hardgainer, like Herminigildo, it is hard to put on weight and muscle, but with the right training system and the proper nutrition, anything is possible.
Loving what he has achieved with the program so far, Herminigildo is always looking forward to what is coming next. With the ATHLEAN NXT program coming out soon, he is getting himself ready to pack on more muscle and show off even better results. Going from a hardgainer to being ripped is what keeps him coming back for more.  
Greg Ulmer Greg Ulmer
Greg Ulmer – SLASHES inches of Belly Fat and STRENGTHENS COREΔ
Greg Ulmer: 40 St. Augustine , Florida
I've been training with the ATHLEAN-X system for about a year now and could not be happier. ATHLEAN-X has helped me to lose over 40 pounds and I am still seeing changes in my body everyday. I love the quick high intensity workouts. The program is laid out all in front of you and super easy to follow. I've noticed great changes at the gym I am getting stronger and can see more definition in my body. Can't go wrong with ATHLEAN-X I recommend it to all my friends. THANKS JEFF.  
Edgar Hurtado Edgar Hurtado
Edgar Hurtado – Trades In 10% Body Fat for 17 lbs of Muscle!!Δ
Edgar Hurtado : 17 Mexico City, Mexico
I was in hospital for 37 days (almost intensive care) and I needed to prove myself not only could I get out of sickness, but also get better than before. Thanks ATHLEAN-X for giving me the best training for building muscle, getting rehab and the most important thing: learning how to live right.  
Bob Zitnik Bob Zitnik
Bob Zitnik – Drops 30 lbs, Gets JACKED!!!Δ
Bob Zitnik : 68 Aurora , Colorado
On ATHLEAN-X, I ended up losing 30 lb! It was a great program. This process allowed me to get lean and get fit by torching fat and boosting muscles. The first 30 days are intense, with hard, but achievable goals. I pushed myself past what I thought were my limits and felt great upon reaching those goals.
Then, "the bar goes up the next month." An average joe can complete this program; he just has to set his mind to it. I recommend this program to anybody who wants to get in better shape.