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Julian Malloy Julian Malloy
Julian Malloy – Impresses Entire Family With His Gains (AND LOSSES!)Δ
Julian Malloy: 35 Montclair, New Jersey
You were right Jeff all we had to do was listen to you. Your workouts and advice and your meal plan and the results will come. You can see in my before and after pictures, I got the results for sure. I want to thank you for all your time and effort you put into the program and into bringing us a quality product that you truly care about.
I love it, it has changed my life for sure.  
Stuart Cohen
Stuart Cohen – Loyal YouTube Follower Commits To Full Program (JACKED!)Δ
Stuart Cohen: 24 Sylmar, California
I just finished the ATHLEAN-X training program and I can not speak highly enough of it. I've been watching Jeff's YouTube videos for over 4 years and finally decided that it was time to buy the program and try it for myself. Even though you are watching the videos online it really does feel like Jeff is coaching you with the daily and weekly videos in the program so you are never not sure how to do something.
I've very excited to start AX-2 in the next week and continue with these gains.  
Akira Suen Akira Suen
Akira Suen – Hardgainer Defies Genetics (Adds Significant Size!)Δ
Akira Suen : 27 Hong Kong, China
I love the ATHLEAN-X training system very much. There are hundreds of effective exercises, many of which you won't find anywhere else! I really loved the burst workouts because they were very short and effective, not time consuming and boring like I was used to. I was surprised how addictive the challenges were, because each time I went through the program I wanted to beat my past score and see where I stacked up against other TEAM ATHLEAN members.
Jeff you are the man!  
Neil Burne
Neil Burne – ATHLEAN X Becomes His RELIGIONΔ
Neil Burne: 51 Waikota , New Zealand
Thanks Jeff for a great program. I found you on YouTube and haven't looked back since. Your exercises are always changing and safe, which helps someone overcoming past injuries. I've been training for a few years and was always bulking up but never cutting down I thought that you had to do the two separately.
Well Jeff shows us that isn't true. I recommend it to my friends and they have seen the difference in me as well. Thanks to the whole team for everything you guys do.  
Ian Ian
Ian HessΔ
Ian: 30 St Anthony, Mn
I have always been athletic and always a gym rat, however I quickly found out after using Jeff's programs that I was not working out correctly. I was getting injured too much, not seeing the gains I wanted, not understanding how or why to do certain things. I now use 3 of Jeff's plans.
TotalBeaxst, Monster Maker, and I Core 4 Abs. I rotate between Total Beaxst and Monster maker as I finish each program and use Core 4 abs throughout both programs. I cannot give enough thanks and praise to these programs and to Jeff for staying professional and caring about health first over anything else. His focus on health and preventing injury has kept me able to keep working out and I never miss a day in the gym due to injury or pain. Fantastic work man, I appreciate what you do for all of us.
John Andrews
John Andrews
Sacramento , California
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Avery Gouin
Avery Gouin
Ontario, Canada
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Andre Budnick
Andre Budnick
Citrus Springs, Florida
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Matthew Kresge
Matthew Kresge – I Was Skeptical Until… (Big Turnaround!)Δ
Matthew Kresge: 23 San Diego, California
I'm glad that I tried ATHLEAN-X. I started seeing results in the second week. I had thought I was in shape from working out in the gym for up to an hour and half sometimes. I would look at the workout for the day and see it was under half an hour and I thought it would be to easy and I would have to add additional exercises but man was I wrong these short workouts kicked my butt.
Zacharias Nicolaou
Zacharias Nicolaou – Kills His Gut, Gets RIPPED at the Same Time!!Δ
Zacharias Nicolaou : 32 Larnaca, Cyprus
Hey guys I'm pretty excited to talk about ATHLEAN-X. It is a great program I love the exercises how they change everyday and never get bored. The challenges give you something to strive to and compete against a certain score. The meal plan is very easy to follow for anyone. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to get in better shape with short intense workouts.
Thanks again Jeff for a great job keep up the good work.  
Jeremy Boyle
Jeremy Boyle – From Skeleton Thin on P90X to Athletically JACKED on ATHLEAN-XΔ
Jeremy Boyle: 41 Brentwood, California
I've been on ATHLEAN-X for about 5 months now and I absolutely love it, best decision I ever made. I was training with p90x prior to this and all that it helped me to was slim down to skin and bones. With ATHLEAN-X I put on about 15 pounds of muscle and have never felt better.
It's a great program from Jeff's knowledgeable videos to all the help you can get from other TEAM ATHLEAN members.  
John Tarantino
John TarantinoΔ
John Tarantino: 60 East Greenwich, Rhode Island
I love the program and Jeff is fantastic. Not only do I use the ATHLEAN-X program, which is extremely varied and challenging, but I watch and learn from all of Jeff’s You Tube videos. He always has helpful information and practical tips on how to maximize results and improve form.
I am a big fan. I am almost 60 years old and I know that I am in excellent shape for my age, much better and stronger than I was 20 or even 30 years ago. I owe a debt to Jeff. He has helped me to become healthy and fit, strong and confident. Recently, my 6 year old granddaughter asked me, when I was holding her, how did I get rocks in my arms? The answer: Thanks to ATHLEAN-X and Jeff, that’s how.  
Henrik Andersson Henrik Andersson
Henrik AnderssonΔ
Henrik Andersson: 28 Brussels, Belgium
I just felt compelled to write you and say thank you for a wonderful program. So "thank you for a wonderful program"! I'll be starting on week 6 tomorrow and I feel great already. I thought I was in quite good shape before ATHLEAN-X but I really get my ass kicked a few days a week now. And I love it! I've noticed that my personal weakness is the conditioning/"cardio" days. I did the box jump/burpee for 20 minutes exercise this thursday and that might have been one of the most exhausting workouts of my entire life!