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Aditiya Yadav Aditiya Yadav
Aditya YadavΔ
Aditiya Yadav: 25 Hyderabad, India
I am a regular user of ATHLEAN-X program, I have completed the AX-1 training program and I am really happy with the results. I have uploaded some of my before after pics, in which I can be easily identified as before and after using AX-1. I am really happy with the results I have achieved, I have lost 11kg, before I was weighing 90kgs when I was doing my sessions under a reputed gym's personal trainer, and now I am just 79kg and my only inspiration and trainer at present is AX1 and Jeff sir.
I hope my transformation will continue as I am going to continue my AX2 program. Thanks Jeff sir for creating such a program, thanks to the whole team ATHLEAN.  
Vinay Tyagi
Vinay Tyagi – Seeing Improvements EVERY DAY!Δ
Vinay Tyagi : 35 Delhi , India
I have been using the ATHLEAN-X training program for sometime now and love the results. I have become stronger and more muscular. My arms, chest and back have all made vast improvements since I started training with ATHLEAN-X. I will continue to train with ATHLEAN-X and plan on using the 6 Pack Promise to get a 6 pack in the near future.
All the best to you Jeff and TEAM ATHLEAN. Keep up the good work!  
Thomas Bucci
Thomas Bucci – JACKED Arms and a RIPPED BackΔ
Thomas Bucci : 36 Barnegat, New Jersey
Bottom line Jeff is that ATHLEAN-X is the best out there. The different exercises and workouts each day are awesome. The challenges at the end of the week or month are great to see where you are at with the program and other TEAM ATHLEAN members. You have a great line of supplements that we can trust what we are putting in out bodies.
I can't wait to get up the next day and work out. Your commitment to us is so great and wonderful and would just like to thank you Jeff. I can't wait for what you put out next.  
Sean Guitraeu
Sean Guitrau – NEVER Gets BoredΔ
Sean Guitraeu: 40 Prarieville, Louisiana
As a former user of P90x, I was disinterested with the same workouts over and over again, leading me to stop using the program all together. What ATHLEAN-X does that is different than the competition is provide us with a new, different workout every day. Not only will this variety keep you interested, you will partake in a technique called muscle confusion.
Muscle confusion will keep your muscles guessing and prevent the dreaded plateau. I really love your program Jeff keep up the great work.  
Remy Obayoriade
Remy Obayoriade – Finally Got His LOWER ABS to ShowΔ
Remy Obayoriade : 29 Kent, United Kingdom
Thanks Jeff for a great program. I can't say enough good things about the program I completed AX-1 and almost done with AX-2 now. It's great that you can access everything online, it makes it so no one can have any excuses. It is super easy to follow with all the videos being right in front of you.
The meal plan is great and not like other "diet plans", I have been seeing a 6 pack now and have never had one before. My wife actually works out with me too and loves the program. Thanks again TEAM ATHLEAN.  
Nicholas Manton
Nicholas Manton – Program VARIETY keeps him GUESSINGΔ
Nicholas Manton: 25 Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Thanks for a great program Jeff. I have been following your program for 2 years now and have seen amazing results.  I have gone through them all multiple times and look forward to anything you come out with in the future. I know it will be great, I have seen amazing changes since I've been training with ATHLEAN-X and look forward to keeping it up.
I love how the program changes up the workouts  daily and you are never doing the same thing. Thanks TEAM ATHLEAN.  
Nicholas Schmidlkofer
Nicholas Schmidlkofer – College Baseball Player Gets in the BEST Shape of His Life With ATHLEAN-XΔ
Nicholas Schmidlkofer: 20 Wind Lake, Wisconsin
This program has helped me get into the best shape of my life. I started ATHLEAN-X two and half years ago and it is by far the best program out there.  It has also helped me on the baseball diamond as well. I follow the workouts like a book every day is a new day. Best part is I've lost about 20% body fat since I've started the program and gained 25 pounds of muslce.
Keep up the good work guys.  
Melvin Dejesus
Melvin Dejesus – Builds Muscle & Gets SHREDDEDΔ
Melvin Dejesus: 34 Brooklyn , New York
What can I say? ATHLEAN-X is a life changer! I've done a lot of other programs like P90x and Insanity but they don't even come close to what they bring to the table compared to ATHLEAN-X. Since I've started the program I've just seen improvements and improvements to my body. I have never felt this good before or achieved the gains I have with any other program.
I am on week 4 of AX-2 and I just purchased all 5 T.N.T. workouts and I am loving everything. I am a TEAM ATHLEAN junkie, keep up the good work guys.  
Kurt Koerth
Kurt Koerth – Loses Weight to Gain MUSCLE!Δ
Kurt Koerth: 44 Fullerton, California
Thanks Jeff for the ATHLEAN-X program it has been great. Has helped me keep up with my young kids and has helped all of us stay in great shape for the upcoming baseball season. Keep up the good work.  
Kevin Roby
Kevin Roby – Drops 20 lb. of Fat and Gets JACKED!!Δ
Kevin Roby: 28 Odenton, Maryland
Thanks Jeff for a great a program. I have tried others in the past like p90x and nothing compares to ATHLEAN-X. I lost about 20 pounds of fat and put on lean muscle as well. I am continuing to see results every day and feel stronger as well. Jeff is the best trainer out there he keeps you up to date with all new training methods on his YouTube channel.
You really feel like you are part of a team once you are on TEAM ATHLEAN.  Thanks for the great program Jeff.