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Jonathan Cerna
Jonathan CernaΔ
Jonathan Cerna : 19 Panama City, Panama
Guys...I wasn't the average Joe who worked out but never got results. I was a CrossFit Competitor in Panama. I trained twice a day and had a really strict nutrition. When I moved to the United States so I could go to college I thought my physique would be gone, but thanks to ATHLEAN-X.
.. I can honestly say that I am in better shape now that I was when I was a competitor. I have maintained and even improved my athleticism and physique. I can't believe that my body would improve so much in 90 days...Thanks Jeff and thanks to the whole ATHLEAN-X team.  
Eugene Bunnell – Loses 12 Lb. of Fat!Δ
Eugene Bunnell: 46 Shiocton, Wisconsin
I was looking for a program to get in ATHLETIC shape and I came across the ATHLEAN-X facebook page. I got back into the gym and did my old high school routine and then tried some Insanity and P90X, that cost me a lot of money with little results. I first subscribed to your YouTube page and started using your videos and tips there in my daily workout routine and started seeing changes so I decided to try the program.
I lost 12-14 pounds very quickly. The program is daily short workouts and they change everyday. Can't say enough about the burst cardio workouts they are so easy to do anywhere. I've tried the supplements and they are helping and feel like I'm getting the best bang for my buck. Thanks Jeff!  
Tony Yam – Drops Over 40 LB!!!Δ
Tony Yam: 43 Bristol, United Kingdom
I just wanted to say thank you for the ATHLEAN-X program. I joined 90 days ago and in those 90 days I never got bored from working out and actually looked forward to working out everyday. The program is laid out right in front of you and very easy to follow. I purchased your supplements as well and love them glad I did.
ATHLEAN-X has been one of the best things I have ever done in my life and I'm glad I decided to join. Thanks Jeff for a great program I highly recommend it to anyone.  
Stephen Thayer
Stephen Thayer – Drops 4% Body Fat and Adds 5 Lb of Muscle! (BOD POD CERTIFIED!)Δ
Stephen Thayer : 35 Bossier City, Louisiana
I started training with ATHLEAN-X and so far I am very satisfied with the results. I wanted a program that had no guessing involved, that was going to tell me what exercises to do that day and what to eat that day and that is exactly what Jeff has laid out for us. So far I've put on 5 pounds of muscle and dropped from 16% body fat to 12% body fat and actually dropped weight while putting on that muscle.
I think Jeff is a good coach, he puts science behind the muscle so you know the reason you are doing what you are doing. Thanks guys keep up the great work.  
Scott Heise
Scott Heise – PT Student Trains HARD for SPARTAN RACE!Δ
Scott Heise: 23 Rock Hill, South Carolina
I heard about ATHLEAN-X through a friend and what really intrigued me was that Jeff was a physical therapist. What I loved about ATHLEAN-X is that you aren't just handed a workout and told it works go do it. Jeff explains each exercise from the science side of it and how it works your muscles.
It really pushed me and got me the best shape I had ever been in. He has a background in physical therapy so is knowledge is so helpful in the program.  AX-1 helped me train for a spartan race I am running and I can't wait to start AX-2.  
Richard Yamaguchi
Richard Yamaguchi – Sheds Fat to Build MuscleΔ
Richard Yamaguchi : 20 British Columbia , Canada
I love Athlean-X and X2! Started at 186lbs and now 170lbs with more muscle than I started with! I'm very pleased with the results thus far. I love the challenges especially the ones in AX-2.  I just did the Chest/Triceps day today of it and man, that was tough! I watch your weekly videos on YouTube they are great and very helpful to all of us.
  Thanks for designing such a great program!  
Michael Muniz
Michael Muniz – Time Crunched Student Finds Trainer (and Program) He Can Trust!Δ
Michael Muniz: 22 Waldwick, New Jersey
I want to say thanks Jeff for making the ATHLEAN-X training program it is the best program out there. You are the only person I would trust from now on. I love so many things about the ATHLEAN-X program. The intensity is amazing, the compound exercises that work every part of the body are great.
Being able to get in a great workout in 30-45 minutes is amazing for me because I have a busy lifestyle but I still able to train properly with ATHLEAN-X. But one of the best parts is that Jeff teaches us what to do and what not to do so that is something that can't be learned with any other program.  
Mark Di Sante
Mark DiSante – KICKS HIS BUTT! (No Time Wasted)Δ
Mark Di Sante: 34 Ontario, Canada
Thanks Jeff for a great program. Glad I came across ATHLEAN-X it changed the way I've been working out. I've always been a gym rat and have been working out for over 15 years.  It has helped me take advantage of the time I have in the gym even more, from doing the normal exercises to using your program to work the whole body and get the most I can out of myself.
I love how everyday is different and not the same old things everyday. The challenges are great because they are intense and keep you coming back.  
Mansour Bethoney
Mansour Bethoney – Husband and Father Finds 30 Minute Workout SuXXess With AthLEAN-X!Δ
Mansour Bethoney: East Freetown, Massachusetts
Some guys in my office started doing P-90X. They were talking about how excited they were to start getting back into shape. I went to check it out for myself and stumbled upon ATHLEAN-X. 90 days later my friends are in the same shape they were in when they first started P-90X.
ATHLEAN-X has turned my body into a fat incinerating muscle building machine in about half the time. I look and feel better than I did 20 years ago.  
Lee Copestake
Lee Copestake – Hardgainer Sees Best Gains He Ever Got!Δ
Lee Copestake: 25 Birmingham, England
ATHLEAN-X is by far the best program out there on the market. I have to thank Jeff for making such a great program. There are a huge list of different exercises that challenge you in ways I never thought possible. I considered myself reasonably fit before starting AX1 but after the first week I realized that I was not in great shape at all.
I am never ever going to switch to a different program outside of ATHLEAN-X. I love all the free stuff you get alongside the program, things like little tweaks to certain exercises the get you in the best shape of your life. I believe everybody should become a member of Team ATHLEAN.