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Len Ware
Len WareΔ
Len Ware: 51 Pasadena, Maryland
I am a 51 year young man. I started the program about 1.5 years ago. I wanted a real fitness program to follow and ATHLEAN-X looked great to me. I was impressed that Jeff was a physical therapist on top of being a conditioning coach. I used trainers before and hurt myself using their methods.
I later realized they knew nothing about how the body functioned. There are too many knuckleheads giving bad advice!  I will be running the Worlds Tougest Mudder with my step son and nephew in November. Thanks to Jeff, I feel more than capable of completing the 24 hour challenge. Thank you for the program and the education provided along the way.  
John Lloyd
John LloydΔ
John Lloyd : 45 Pasadena, Texas
I can say without any doubt this was the easiest 12 week program I have ever attempted. And when I say easy, I mean EASY TO STICK WITH, because this program is ANYTHING BUT EASY from a physical demand requirement! I’ve tried several others P90x, body for life, etc, and have NEVER finished them.
They ALL got boring.ATHLEAN-X was never boring. The workout videos that Jeff provided not only showed me how to do the exercises, but got me fired up in the process.  
Alex Knight
Alex KnightΔ
Alex Knight: 21 Ludlow, United Kingdom
The after photo is me after 4 months of following the teachings of the program, while I've only actually completed two months of the specified routines due to various injuries, and other commitments. The program has helped me a lot though, and I deem it largely responsible for the results I have achieved.
  As I learn more from the program more what I was actually doing and was able to adapt it to work around me when my situations and requirements changed.  
Adam Jarvis Adam Jarvis
Admitted ‘Party Animal’ Still Gets His 6 Pack… Abs, That Is!Δ
Adam Jarvis : 38 Trumbull , Connecticut
I have to admit, I like to party and have fun... as you can see in my before picture! But I think it's also pretty obvious that this wasn't really doing my body any favors. I decided to give the AthLEAN-X Training System a try. Man... am I glad I did! Not only has it given me 6 pack abs for the first time in my life, but I was able to do this while still going out and having fun with the boys! Finally... a REAL program that lets you be a regular guy but makes you look anything but regular! After losing lots of ugly body fat and weight, all while continuing to build new muscle, I certainly am a believer! Thanks Jeff.
.. awesome stuff man!  
Felix Sherman Felix Sherman
Felix Sherman – Cavaliere Look Alike On Way to Cavaliere Body (BIG CHANGES!)Δ
Felix Sherman: 48 Geismar, Louisiana
Thanks for all the support and education. I have learned so much and and have created a passion for this. You are a great teacher and really appreciate your expertise! I've had tremendous improvements in both my heart rate and cholesterol as well as losing a ton of weight. I've created a shape I've always looked forward to having.
The meal plan is delicious and follow it to a t. Thanks for all your hard work great job Jeff!    
Roberto Espinosa
Roberto Espinosa – Got The 6 Pack He Had Been Working At For 2 Years… In JUST 2 MONTHS!Δ
Roberto Espinosa: 25 El Paso, Texas
For 2 years I have tried to develop my abs, with exhausting and long workouts, but all I got was disappointment and poor results. One day I found a video on YouTube of ATHLEAN-X. After all I had tried; I decided to give it a shot. Since day 1 I loved it because I got an incredible workout in almost every muscle in my body.
..really developing my core in less time than my usual training. Using Jeff's advice on diet, rest and training I reduced my body fat percentage and I got my 6 pack in 2 months! Amazing!! What I like about ATHLEAN X is that the exercises are comfortable, varied, short and most importantly effective.. GRACIAS ATHLEAN X``  
Patrick Doyle
Patrick DoyleΔ
Patrick Doyle: 28 New South Wales, Australia
I wanted to share my success using AX1. I have been training for years and this program and method of training has given me results like never before. It's great when people notice changes and just makes you happy and is a just reward for all the hard work put in. I in week 3 into AX2 and loving it.
Matteo Marino
Matteo Marino – Teen Athlete FINALLY Finds a Program That WORKS!Δ
Matteo Marino: 18 Johnston , Rhode Island
Thanks ATHLEAN-X you've helped me loss fat and gain muscle. I've also seen increased speed and more agility as well. Every challenge pushes you to the limit which is something you don't get from any other program. I know that because I've tried them and nothing compares to ATHLEAN-X.
I really do love the burst training because all the work I do in the gym has definitely been transiting to the field.  
James Chisholm James Chisholm
James Chisholm – Changes His Life, DROPS OVER 45 lbs!Δ
James Chisholm: 35 Randburg, South Africa
ATHLEAN-X helped me get in the best shape of my life and change my life as well. A fellow member at the gym introduced me ATHLEAN-X. It was revolutionary, there really is nothing like it out there. The workouts change daily and that helps your body never get used to the same thing and no plateaus.
  I loved the program, it was very easy to follow along. You know where you stand with the benchmarks and challenges. Thank you Jeff for everything. Keep up the great work TEAM ATHLEAN.  
Ce Zhi Foo Ce Zhi Foo
Foo Ce Zhi – Revamps His PhysiqueΔ
Ce Zhi Foo: 29 Brisbane, Australia
What I loved most about this program was how the workouts fit into my time schedule. They were 20-25 minutes and very easy to follow workouts that I could do at home with a few pieces of equipment. Everything that Jeff had for us was laid out in front there was no guessing involved, if I didn't know how to do a exercise I just watched a video of Jeff doing it.
Thank you ATHLEAN-X.