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Bassam Hamade
Bassam Hamade – Goes from 3 push-ups to 50 with ATHLEAN-X!!✝✝
Bassam Hamade : 51 Beirut, Lebanon
Your program WORKS. I am over 50,and even though I have 3 marathon under my belt ( and finished them), I could not do 5 straight push ups, now I can do a set of 50. I went through AX1 twice,( out of my home using your replacements) it helped my running performance. The last 400 challenge I finished in 12 minutes down 28 minutes from the 40 minute mark I hit the first time.
I am sure I will be going through AX2 soon and can not wait to see what is in store for me. Thank you and all the best.  
Austin Carlson Austin Carlson
Austin Carlson – Building MUSCLE and Losing Fat!✝✝
Austin Carlson : 25 Quimby, Louisiana
I've been doing ATHLEAN-X for over 2 years now. I own all the programs AX-1, Ax-2,  all the TNT workouts and even ATHLEAN-X for women. I can't say enough good things about the training program. Each workout is set up with a purpose and will help you reach your goals. I highly recommend it to everyone.
I love the ATHLEAN RX supplements as well, I take them everyday. Jeff's knowledge is so great and helpful it really makes this the best program out there. Thank you TEAM ATHLEAN.  
Anthony Fedele Anthony Fedele
Anthony Fedele – PREPARES him to run a MARATHON✝✝
Anthony Fedele: 38 Dalton, Pennsylvania
Jeff thanks for a great program. I've done multiple rounds of p-90x and insanity but they could not keep me interested. ATHLEAN-X though is not built that way, with short workouts and changing everyday. ATHLEAN-X has helped me train for marathons and triathlons that I compete in.
Keeps everything fresh and makes you look forward to whats next. I love the other programs you have as well like T.N.T. and the weekly videos you put to YouTube to help us. Thanks for everything ATHLEAN-X.  
Andrew Smith Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith – Program VARIETY Delivers Consistent Results!✝✝
Andrew Smith: 32 Land O Lakes, Florida
I've done other video workout programs and I eventually got tired of doing them because of the feeling of doing the same thing over and over again. There is nothing like ATHLEAN-X because there was a progression in my body it felt. You may have done the exercise more then once but the ways you did it and was in the program you can tell your body was progressing and getting results.
It was a very well rounded program. I wasn't able to finish those other programs but I gladly looked forward to finishing ATHLEAN-X and have amazing results to show for it.  
Alexandru Ungureanu Alexandru Ungureanu
Alexandru Ungureanu – Professional Swimmer Increases STRENGTH and MOBILITY✝✝
Alexandru Ungureanu: 23 Bucharest, Romania
Hello TEAM ATHLEAN!! I am Alex, from Romania. I am a professional swimmer. Like I said in the video, ATHLEAN-X is a great program. It always keeps me surprised, with new workouts every month. It's never boring, like most bodybuilding programs which is repeating the same thing over and over again.
The meal plan is easy to follow for someone who is always on the run. All of the information Jeff gives us is very helpful. I'm happy to be a part of TEAM ATHLEAN.  
Alaeddine Rafei Alaeddine Rafei
Alaeddine Rafei – Achieves AMAZING Results✝✝
Alaeddine Rafei: 24 Mohammedia, Morocco
I've been following ATHLEAN-X for a year now. I've gone through AX-1 and AX-2 twice. I've got amazing results. It's really been a whole new lifestyle for me, I had never went to a gym before or thought I would ever go to one. It's awesome and Jeff really did a great job with this program.
I would like to thank Jeff not only for the program but for looking out for us as well. Your like a big brother! Hello to all the other TEAM ATHLEAN members out there keep up the hard work.  
Akira Suen Akira Suen
Akira Suen – Hardgainer Defies Genetics (Adds Significant Size!)✝✝
Akira Suen : 27 Hong Kong, China
I love the ATHLEAN-X training system very much. There are hundreds of effective exercises, many of which you won't find anywhere else! I really loved the burst workouts because they were very short and effective, not time consuming and boring like I was used to. I was surprised how addictive the challenges were, because each time I went through the program I wanted to beat my past score and see where I stacked up against other TEAM ATHLEAN members.
Jeff you are the man!  
Adel Hussein Adel Hussein
Adel Hussein – Shows Why Bulking and Cutting Doesn’t Work!✝✝
Adel Hussein : 28 Alexandria , Egypt
I have always been told that I have to build muscle then cut or vice versa. But when ATHLEAN-X came out it made me believe and showed me both can be done at the SAME TIME! I was amazed with the results I got from AX-1. I tried AX-2 and the results were even better. I was looking better then I ever have and feeling more like a athlete like I wanted to.
Jeff is the REAL DEAL! Stay away from other crap that is out there, if you want the real results from a real trainer come join me on TEAM ATHLEAN. I recommend ATHLEAN-X to all my friends.  
Adam Ostrove Adam Ostrove
Adam Ostrove – Hardgainer Will NEVER Train Without Jeff Again!✝✝
Adam Ostrove : 20 Silver Spring, Maryland
Thanks for the great program Jeff. I was a runner and this program whipped me. I trained harder then I had ever before. I look better than I have ever before. I was very happy with my decision to train with ATHLEAN-X. I was very impressed with the program. I found Jeff's videos on YouTube and they helped me along with the AX-1 training program.
If you follow what Jeff says in the program then you will get the results it says you will. You will train like an athlete and you will then look like an athlete.  
Aaron Akwaboah Aaron Akwaboah
Aaron Akwaboah – Drops 50 POUNDS, Finds His Abs✝✝
Aaron Akwaboah: 32 Los Angeles , California
Thanks Jeff love the program. I have lost 50 pounds so far. I love how your program isn't a gimmick, what you say is what you get. A great training program and meal plan to follow with expert advice from a physical trainer. I love doing the program everyday it is something new and constantly changing it up.
To anyone who has any reservations about purchasing ATHLEAN-X don't because IT WORKS. It has help me change my life. Thanks Jeff for everything and keep up the good work.