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Ok guys!

Today we’ve got a workout for you that’s great for beginners…

Or a day when you need to take things a little slower regardless of fitness level!

No equipment needed!

Just grab a piece of floor and go!


184_xx_zeroequipmentAre you a beginner and wondering if AXX is for you?

The workouts in our 90 day program are challenging but you can work up to them! Modify them by using less weight (or no weight) or by taking additional rest!

AXX grows with you as you get stronger!

Check out workout previews here!



P.S. Got some bodyfat you want to lose? AXX will help you get there too! Not only do our workouts burn loads of fat, our Meal Plans will accelerate those results with healthy meals that keep you feeling full and happy!

No diets here! See what we’re all about!

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