The ONLY Way to Train Your Abs… (Demo Included)‏

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When it comes to working your core…

There’s only one way to do it.


Let me show you how to do it in just 26 reps! You see…

If you look at the anatomy of the core muscles, it actually reveals the “secret” of ab training.

Breaking out 4 markers to show you what I mean!

The ONLY Way to Train Your Abs… (DEMO INCLUDED!)

six-pack-workout-for-abs-and-obliques-ytYou say you like the marker videos and that they make it super easy to improve your training… So of course I’m drawing all over my damn body to get you what you want! Who loves ya?



P.S. When you put science back in strength and you train your abs with a plan based on how they are anatomically meant to be trained…you’d be amazed at how fast you see better results.

Put science in your next 90 days of ab workouts here

Includes meal plan to get you ripped for Summer