11 comments on “How to burn fat during your ab workouts… (SAMPLE WORKOUT!)‏

  1. Arlene cohen on May 27, 2016 11:39 pm | Reply

    I love your videos and have learned a lot from your tips. I belong to a gym and work out at least 5-6 days a week. I do everything from bootcamp classes to modern ballet stretch classes to hot yoga to Bartendaz classes. I should also mention that I’m 73 yrs old and work in admin 3 days a week. I’m in pretty good shape. I can do about 3 pull-ups with straight legs and more with my knees coming up to my chest especially if I use two bars with hands in neutral. I’ve seen your pull-up tips which are helpful but what can I do at home. I don’t have a bar and I would like some time away from the gym. Thank you so much for all your help.

  2. Archit R Joshi on Jul 24, 2016 7:51 am | Reply

    Im a guy who trains at home. I don’t feel the burn in my body during my workouts unless i have a higher heart rate and breaking into a sweat prior to my workout…usually i jump rope or go for a sprint..but due to bad weather i cant step out in the open..can you please put up a video for different anaerobics to quicken my heartrate? Ive been dissatisfied with all workouts since monsoon started..thnks

  3. Tried this yesterday. Although being extremely difficult but beneficial, any of the “rest” ab exercises caused me pain in the lumbar spine and extreme painful pressure on my coccyx bone.

  4. Jeshika Pimptel Lowe on Jan 15, 2017 3:06 pm | Reply

    I’m just an average jo-Ann lol I love watching your videos. I primarily do Olympic lifting with a little body building and accessory work on the side. My persona goal has been to get a body weight pull up. But I suffer from tennis elbow. Do you have any tips? I’ve been doing assisted pull ups and lat pull downs and jumping negatives…

  5. great video look forward to looking at some more of your videos and learning more about adapting to a healthier lifestyle thank you so much and make it a great day.

  6. Michael bell on May 4, 2017 9:52 pm | Reply

    Man I like the work outs I turn 35 tomorrow may 5 and I’m reddy for a new start in life I have Ben over wate and I want to do this for me and to be healthy and ripped thanks for the short videos grate work outs …..

  7. Franck Bellet on Jul 11, 2017 8:43 am | Reply

    Hi Jeff. Huge fan of your work. I’ve been watching your videos for quite some time and they’re the best there is, in countless ways. thank you for doing them. I have a quick question: I was born with a weak linea alba. it’s not an injury, my father has it too and it gets ugly in time. So, basically, I know I’ll never get a proper sick pack, but I would like to know how to workout (and ultimately avoid surgery). Can you think of ways for people like me to work those abs as safely as possible? I’ve noticed a bunch of exercices that won’t let me hold that area in place, like crunches, so I dropped them. Even doing planks can be risky unless I focus really hard on stretching the right way. Anyways, thank you very much for your concern. Franck.

  8. Jessie Moore on Aug 18, 2017 3:07 pm | Reply

    Hi, first off great videos I have learned a lot through watching them. And secondly I was wondering whether my workout circuit is actually helpful or harmful toward my goals. I usually start from the top down on my exercises doing around 10 reps a piece using 30lb dumbbells for the entire workout. I do overhead triceps ext followed by standing shoulder press then move into like a chest press with palms facing in. Then I do alt bicep curls followed by shrugs(10 reps×10sec a piece). Then I end it with either tricep kickbacks or bent over rows. The only equipment I have access to is my 30lb dbs and and a total weight of around 60lbs on an e.z. curl bar so please share your pros or cons and definitely any tips to help I am strong from chest up and wrist up but my my core, back and lower body is struggling and I suffer from the lumbar back arch deal. Thank you

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