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Che Bureiku

This is all I have to say about ATHLEAN X is, I used to watch all the youtube videos and I followed Jeff’s advise and it was working out. And I saw that he had supplements on his website and I said, I’ll go and check out some of his supplements and I go – HOLY CRAP – THIS STUFF WORKS.

So once I started doing my own thing on his supplements – I took that leap of faith to see what the programs are like.

I got ATHLEAN XERO – Man OH Man, This guys the real deal.

I thought this was something I was just going to coast through but it was actually, surprisingly really tough.

He does say on his channel a lot, that if you want to look like an Athlete, you’ve got to train like one.

And he has you training fairly hard. I got his AX1 training camp as well and that was really cool.

This guy is NO PHONY – all of it is pretty legit and he gives out pretty great advise.

Thanks for all you did Jeff. Thanks for everything you do – I really appreciate it.

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